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Application of aluminum nitride ceramic materials

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Update time : 2021-11-04 10:08:59
What is aluminum nitride
Aluminum nitride is an atomic crystal, belonging to diamond-like nitride, hexagonal crystal system, wurtzite type crystal structure, non-toxic, white or off-white. Aluminum nitride is a good thermal shock material.
With the miniaturization of electronic products, integrated circuits and electronic systems are also developing towards high integration density and high functionality in the semiconductor industry. Therefore, the requirements for the carrier substrate of electronic parts are becoming more and more stringent. Among them, high thermal conductivity has become a breakthrough in the high integration and miniaturization of circuits, and the traditional alumina ceramic substrates are increasingly difficult to meet the development requirements. Aluminum nitride has good physical and chemical properties and has gradually become the first choice of packaging materials.

Aluminum nitride microwave attenuation material
The research and application of microwave attenuation have gradually penetrated from the military aspect to people's daily life, such as human body safety protection, radar detection, and waveguide or coaxial absorption components. Its essence is to convert microwave energy into heat energy through the physical mechanism of polarization and exchange the heat energy to the external environment through the material itself, which is more and more applied to high-power microwave electric vacuum devices.
AlN has a low dielectric loss. In order to make it suitable as a microwave attenuating material, metals or ceramics with good electrical and thermal conductivity are usually added as microwave attenuators to prepare Al N-based microwave attenuating ceramics. The conductive additives involved in the current research include carbon nanotubes, TiB2, TiC, and metals such as Mo, W, and Cu.
Aluminum nitride heat-resistant material
Aluminum nitride has the characteristics of non-wetting with aluminum, calcium, and other metals, so it can be used as a crucible, protective tube, casting mold, etc. Aluminum nitride ceramics can be used as a metal molten pool in the immersion thermocouple protection tube. Because it does not adhere to molten metal, it can be used continuously for more than 3000 hours in the molten pool at 800~1000 and will not be corroded. destroy. In addition, because aluminum nitride materials are stable to molten salt gallium arsenide and other materials, the crucible is replaced by glass for the synthesis of gallium arsenide semiconductors, which can completely eliminate silicon pollution and obtain high-purity gallium arsenide.
Aluminum nitride ceramics have relatively high strength at room temperature and are not easily affected by temperature changes. At the same time, they have relatively high thermal conductivity and relatively low thermal expansion coefficients. It is an excellent heat-resistant material and heat exchange material. As a heat exchange material, it is expected to be applied to heat exchangers of gas turbines. Heat resistant and heat exchange materials
AlN ceramic materials have broad application prospects and a wide range of potential markets in the electronics field, electric power, locomotives, aviation and aerospace, national defense and military industry, communications, and many industrial fields.
Aluminum nitride supplier
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