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A New Semiconductor Material Germanium Disulfide Powder

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Update time : 2021-04-20 09:02:28
Germanium disulfide is an inorganic compound whose chemical formula is GeS₂. Germanium disulfide is a semiconductor material.

Germanium Disulfide Properties:

Germanium disulfide is a white powder with a certain degree of solubility in water, easily soluble in hot alkali, and soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid. It is unstable, easily sublimated and oxidized at high temperature, and dissociates in moist air or inert atmosphere. Germanium disulfide is produced by the reaction of germanium powder and sulfur vapor or a mixed gas of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur, and is an intermediate product of germanium metallurgy.

Germanium dioxide is a transparent body for microwave radiation and does not absorb microwave radiation. However, sodium sulfide, sulfur element and germanium disulfide produced by the reaction are substances that highly absorb microwave radiation. Therefore, when microwave radiation is used for vulcanization and volatilization, only the sulfide among them selectively absorbs microwave radiation, generating instantaneous high temperature, which makes germanium react with sulfur. Germanium sulfide is formed, and the germanium sulfide continues to absorb microwave radiation and reaches the temperature of sublimation and volatilization.


Germanium Disulfide Application:

"Nano flowers" are made from the dust of metal germanium disulfide, and germanium disulfide is a semiconductor material. Due to its petal shape, although the object is small, it has a large surface area, so it can store a lot of energy.

American scientists have recently designed a miniature battery. This tiny pink nanostructure can completely subvert the traditional battery design and store energy with a unique surface structure. This "nano flower" is made of germanium sulfide (a semiconductor material), and its flower shape has a smaller space with more surface structure to store energy, which will become an ideal energy storage application, such as smart phones battery.

The germanium disulfide "nano flower" is only 20-30 nanometers thick and 100 microns long. It has a large surface area with a small space structure and can be used to manufacture new smart phone batteries.

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