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A nanometer is a scale that can not be observed by an optical microscope. The smallest diameter of the hydrogen atom in chemical elements is about 0.1nm, and that of metal elements is about 0.3-0.4nm.
Nano Copper Powder Introduction:
Nano Copper means copper materials have at least one dimension in the three-dimensional space or are composed of them as basic units. 
According to the aspect, we can divide the primary groups of nanomaterials into three categories: (I) zero dimension, which means that the three-dimensional dimensions in space are all in the nanoscale, such as nanoscale particles, atomic clusters, etc.;
(II) one aspect, which means that there are two dimensions in space, such as nanowires, nanorods, nanotubes, etc.;
(III) two aspect, which means that there is one dimension in the nanoscale, such as ultrathin films, in three-dimensional space, multilayers, superlattices, etc. When the natural materials are processed to an extremely fine nanoscale, there will be a special surface effect, volume effect, and quantum effect, and their optical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and chemical properties will correspondingly change significantly.

Therefore, in recent years, research on the preparation, features, and applications of nanomaterials has been widely concerned at home and abroad.
Nano Copper Powder Use:
2.1 Conductive paste: the 100-nanometer copper powder produced by this method can be made into copper electronic paste, and only 0.6 micron thick electrodes can be sintered, which can be used in MLCC, miniaturize MLCC devices, optimize microelectronic process, replace precious metal electronic paste such as silver and electricity, and greatly reduce cost.
2.2 High-efficiency catalyst: copper and its alloy nanopowder are used as catalysts with high efficiency and strong selectivity, which can be used in the reaction process of carbon dioxide and hydrogen to methanol.
2.3 Drug addition materials: nano copper powder is used as raw material to make drugs (weight ratio is 0.2-0.4%), which can significantly reduce MDA content, improve lipid peroxidation damage caused by oxygen free radicals, increase substantially SOD content, enhance SOD level, regulate the expression of functional activity, to delay the aging process of human body, intervene and delay the tissue structure of human body The transformation to aging has opened up a new way of anti-aging in the field of life science.
Some researchers, as the preparation of anti-aging and cerebral ischemia, cerebral thrombosis sequelae, and other treatment drugs, and the effect is accurate, easy to take, safe. More experts and professors are used to treat cancer, and when they have achieved miraculous impact, they turn around to explore its mechanism. Nano copper powder can also be used in the treatment of osteoporosis, osteoporosis, and other new particular drugs to add materials.
2.4 Nano copper powder dispersion strengthening copper alloy can improve the strength and hardness of the copper alloy, the softening temperature of copper alloy, and the conductivity and thermal conductivity of copper alloy.
2.5 Ink conductive filler: the 100-nanometer copper powder produced by this method has the unique field emission effect and quantum tunneling effect of nanomaterials. In the high conductive ink, the silver powder is replaced as the high conductive filler, significantly reducing the cost.

Surface conductive coating treatment of metal and non-metal: nano aluminum, copper, and nickel powders have highly activated surfaces, which can be coated at a temperature lower than the melting point of the dust under the condition of no oxygen. We can apply this technology to the production of microelectronic devices.
2.6 Raw materials for bulk metal nanomaterials: bulk copper metal nanocomposites were prepared by powder metallurgy sintering under inert gas protection.
2.7 Metal nano lubricating additive: add 0.1 ~ 0.6% to lubricating oil and grease, form self-lubrication, and self-repair film on the surface of friction pair during friction, and significantly improve the anti-wear and anti-friction performance of friction pair.
2.8 Nano metal self-repairing agent: it is added to the lubricating oil of metal friction pairs of various mechanical equipment to realize self-repairing of worn parts of metal friction, save energy and reduce consumption, and improve the service life and maintenance cycle of the material.
Therefore, with a deeper understanding of the formation mechanism of nano copper powder and the development and improvement of preparation technology, nano copper powder with smaller particle size and higher purity will be obtained. Further study on its properties and properties will promote the practicability of nano copper powder and broaden its application fields.

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