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Use of silicon nitride in the metalworking industry

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Update time : 2023-07-02 23:21:46
What is Silicon nitride?
Heat-resistant silicon nitride is used in aluminum casting technology for melting channels riser and protective tubes (e.g., for immersion heating elements, pyrometers, etc.). An increase in tool life of up to 20 times longer than conventional steel components can be expected. This also applies to risers made of SiN for die casting of, for example, aluminum rims. This makes it possible to meet remarkable quality and surface finish requirements. Electromagnetic pumps play an increasingly important role in the search for developing faster and more energy-efficient processes for melting aluminum. These pumps enable the molten bath to be mixed quickly and evenly without mechanically moving parts.
Use of silicon nitride in the metalworking industry
Because of the combination of high strength values, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and a relatively small modulus of elasticity, SiN ceramic is particularly suited to thermal shock-stressed cutting tools such as indexable inserts. One application in which this combination of properties has proven particularly useful is machining cast iron materials – such as cast iron or grey cast iron – with high-performance ceramic cutting tools. In contrast to carbide metals or other cutting materials, when using ceramic indexable inserts, the machining processes can be carried out at the highest speed – even without coolants or lubricants. Excellent high-temperature properties combined with a high degree of resistance to corrosion and strong acids (e.g., sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, alkalis) make SiN ceramic the ideal material for, in particular, high-temperature applications in chemical process engineering and mechanical engineering – mainly where extreme temperature changes occur.

Silicon nitride cutting tools are therefore suitable for machining materials
Components for rollers and draw rings made of silicon nitride are used in metal forming because they can offer a noticeably longer service life than the steel or carbide metal rollers that are usually used. Furthermore, the rolling cycle time is shortened, and work hardening on the rolled metal is facilitated. For example, forming rollers made of SiN for rolling heat-resistant metal alloys impress with a service life that’s twice that of forming conventional metal materials. Such tools can also be reground up to three times. Forming and stamping tools made of silicon nitride subject to high mechanical loads have good chemical resistance and long service life.

Price of Silicon nitride
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