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How is nickel boron applied

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What is Nickel boride?
Nickel boride (Ni'B) was obtained as a powder (average particle size of 0.5 p,m and specific surface area of 9 m2 g-') (7) by reduction of nickel acetate with NaBH4 in aqueous NaOH (9). The electrodes were obtained by pressing the particles atp = 120 NIPa at room temperature. Silver epoxy (EPO-TEK H20E, Epoxy Tech., Inc) was used to ensure a good electricalcontact. One face and the sides of electrodes were coated with Epofix resin (Struers), known for its stability (i.e., no leaching) in alkaline solution (10- 12), in order to obtain aprojectedgeometric surface area of 1.1 cm' and avoid the effect of the edge plane defects.

Synthesis of nickel boride by thermal explosion in ball-milled powder mixtures
This work developed a synthesis route of Ni3B, an attractive material for making heating elements and a promising catalyst component, using high-energy ball milling of nickel and boron powder mixtures. The milling duration was varied from 1 to 15 min. Ball milling led to the partial dissolution of boron in the crystalline lattice of nickel and the crystallite size refinement of nickel. Heating of the ball-milled mixtures at a constant rate led to the thermal explosion, the indications of which were a rapid temperature rise and the formation of boride phases. The duration of ball milling was shown to influence the phase composition of the products of thermal explosion. The time of milling ensuring the formation of single-phase Ni3B was determined to be 7 min. The ignition temperature of the thermal explosion decreased with the milling time: a more than 300 °C decrease was observed for the mixture milled for 15 min relative to the non-milled mixture. The maximum temperature developed during the thermal explosion increased in the mixture milled for 1 min relative to the non-milled mixture. Then it decreased with the milling time, reaching the level of the non-milled mixture after 15 min of milling. The observed dependence of the maximum temperature on the milling time is related to the net effect of mixing uniformity improvement between the reactants and a partial transformation of the reaction mixtures into Ni(B) solid solutions and Ni3B during milling. The proposed synthesis route of a single-phase Ni3B powder has the advantages of short processing time and low energy consumption.

In situ structural evolution of a nickel boride catalyst
As a kinetically sluggish half-reaction, the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency of some important electrochemical energy conversion systems. Herein we report the synthesis of nickel boride layers supported on a nickel plate via a direct solid organization of the nickel substrate with amorphous boron powder. The resulting bronzed nickel plate was studied systematically to illustrate its surface structural evolution and activity variation during the OER. The initial electrochemical OER testing process resulted in the in situ generation of the nickel boride of thin nanosheet films that consist of metaborate-containing oxyhydroxides as the efficient catalytically active phase. Correspondingly, this electrochemically activated, bronzed nickel plate exhibits a nearly ten-fold increase in catalytic activity compared to the nickel plate and shows remarkable catalytic stability for over 1500 hours. The enhanced catalytic performance during electrochemical activation is attributed to synergistic catalytic effects from the thin nanosheet structural features of the oxyhydroxides (i.e., geometric optimization) and modification of the electronic structure of the oxyhydroxides by metaborates (i.e., electronic optimization). Our results provide into boride-based oxygen evolution electrocatalysts and a new strategy for designing high-performance electrocatalytic materials for the OER.

Price of Nickel boride
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