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Foam concrete is the first choice for roof thermal insulation in summer construction

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Update time : 2023-08-09 13:38:42
Why choose foam concrete as roof thermal insulation in summer?
In the hot summer sun, the roof's surface temperature can generally reach more than 65 ℃, and the room is more like a big steamer. Although the popularity of air conditioners can improve this situation, the high temperature undoubtedly increases the burden of air conditioners and energy consumption. Environmental pollution will also increase.
In addition, the roofs of most buildings need to be waterproof.
Therefore, a material that can keep heat and heat insulation, waterproof and environmental protection is particularly important, and foam concrete is this material.
All kinds of roof thermal insulation are mainly divided into the following categories, and there are great disadvantages:
1.Naked floor: cold in winter and hot in summer, high power consumption of air conditioning, floor thermal expansion, cold shrinkage, easy to crack.
2. Cement board and tile thermal insulation: poor thermal insulation, large weight, and short service life.
3. Color steel plate thermal insulation: good thermal insulation effect, heavy rain noise, short rust life, and high cost.
4. Foam thermal insulation: good thermal insulation effect, soft and empty lower layer, short service life.

Compared with the above, foam concrete material has many advantages:
The main results are as follows:
1. The thermal resistance of cast-in-place foam concrete is 5-10 times that of ordinary overhead thermal insulation brick. Baking on the furnace fire with a 60mm thick insulation test block for 20 minutes, the back still does not feel hot.
The effect of thermal insulation is remarkable.
2. The cost of the cast-in-place lightweight foam concrete thermal insulation layer is low, which is 40% and 60% of the cost of other thermal insulation layers.
3. Cast-in-place foam concrete can save 60% of the construction cost than other roof insulation methods.
4. Foam concrete will not cause cracking due to the temperature change, which can effectively prevent the deformation of the roof structure and the temperature difference cracks at the junction of the roof structure and the brick wall.
5. Foam concrete and waterproof layer (or structural layer) are closely integrated, which can effectively prevent leakage caused by deformation and cracking of the roof structure layer (or rigid waterproof layer) caused by thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. It can also effectively prevent the aging and deterioration of waterproof materials.Prolong the life of the waterproof layer and strengthen the waterproof effect.

Good thermal insulation, good thermal insulation, and energy-saving environmental protection materials are needed for buildings in hot and cold areas in the east and summer.

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