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Company News
BYD's annual sales target has been completed by 35%
BYD released the latest production and sales data showing that a total of 331,817 new energy vehicles were sold in May.
Micro soft lists the top ten advantages of Win11: attracting Win10 users, will you upgrade?
Micro soft recently released an update on its official support page, reminding Windows 10 users that the relevant support will end in October next year and calling on users to upgrade to Windows 11 as soon as possible.
Comparison of molecular sieves and activated carbon
Molecular sieves are widely used in the field of VOC control due to their high efficiency and stability. Fixed bed honeycomb/granular molecular sieves, zeolite molecular sieve runners, etc., are second only to activated carbon.
The difference between monoglycerides and monoglycerides and distearylglycerides
Monoglycerides and monoglycerides and stearates are two emulsifiers and stabilizers that find extensive use in the food industry, cosmetics manufacturing, and pharmaceutical preparations.
Semiconductor power device types and production process
The main process flow of semiconductor power devices includes processing chips on silicon wafers, chip packaging, and testing the technical performance indicators of the processed chips.
Inventory of 8 types of 3D printing structures
In the field of 3D printing, structure is not only a carrier of function and form but also a product of the combination of art and technological innovation
Applications of Boron nitride in electronic engineering and metallurgical industry
Boron nitride is a new material with great properties and is widely used in the field of electronic engineering.
Why is iron the most stable metal? Isn’t gold and silver, which comes next, more stable than it?
There is actually ambiguity here as to whether iron is the most stable metal, and there are many types of stability. The reason why iron is the most stable lies in its binding energy, which is a problem at the atomic nucleus level.
Master several nucleic acid extraction methods
Nucleic acid extraction is the first thing in molecular experiments and is the basis of almost all experiments. PCR, qPCR, library construction, and sequencing all require nucleic acids to proceed smoothly.
What are the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers?
Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers include plant ash, compound fertilizer, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and potassium nitrate phosphate fertilizer.
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