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Concrete Admixtures


Maltodextrin can only be used in combination with water reducer and pumping agent, because it is a kind of concrete retarder, which can delay the hydration rate of cement and enable concrete to reach from the station to the construction site as required.

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a starch derivative without free starch, refined and spray dried by enzymatic method.
Maltodextrin (MD) is a kind of polysaccharide food raw material, a low-conversion product between starch and starch sugar. 
It is a product with starch as raw material, and the DE value of hydrolysis is less than 20%. It can also be obtained by hydrolysis conversion and spray drying of corn starch. 
An amorphous powder that appears white or yellowish in appearance has a special smell and is not sweet or slightly sweet.

Technical Parameters of Maltodextrin
Items Appearance DE Value(%) Moisture (%) Solubility PH Value Sulfate Ash(%)
Standard White or light yellow ≥99.0
≤0.001% 4.5-6.5 ≤0.6 

Maltodextrin is used in concrete.

Maltodextrin has many functions in concrete, including improving fluidity, strength and durability, impermeability, and durability. 
Improve fluidity: by properly adjusting the amount of maltodextrin, the plasticity of concrete can be increased; thus, the fluidity of concrete can be improved. 
Improve early strength: maltodextrin can combine with water molecules in concrete to form a stable hydrate, thus improving the early strength of concrete. 
Enhance durability: maltodextrin can absorb the free chloride ions in concrete and reduce the penetration of chloride ions, thus improving the durability of concrete. 
Improve crack resistance: maltodextrin has good dispersibility and adhesion and can fill micro-cracks in concrete to improve the crack resistance of concrete. 
In practical engineering, the rational use of maltodextrin can improve concrete performance and the quality and service life of concrete structures. 
However, attention should also be paid to reasonably controlling the dosage and adding time of maltodextrin and selecting the appropriate mix ratio and construction technology to give full play to its role and improve the comprehensive performance of concrete.


Precautions of Maltodextrin

1. Maltodextrin is non-toxic and harmless, biodegradable, but not edible;

2. If it gets into the eyes, it should be rinsed with plenty of water in time;

3. If you cause allergies to part of the human body, you should consult a doctor in time.



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