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Concrete Admixtures

Magnesium Oxide Board MgO Board

Magnesium oxide board, MgO board is a new type of non-combustible decoration material composed of high-quality magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and ternary water system, equipped with modifier and stable magnesia cementitious material, reinforced by m
What is magnesium oxide board?
Magnesium oxide board, MgO board is a new type of non-combustible decoration material composed of high-quality magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and ternary water system, equipped with modifier and stable magnesia cementitious material, reinforced by medium-basic glass fiber cloth and filled with lightweight material.

Parameters of 
MgO board
Test items Test results
ρ/(t/m3) ± 5% 1.0
Flexural strength/MPa 10.02
Impact strength/(KJ/m2) 4.6
Ex-factory moisture content/% 2
Dry shrinkage rate/% 0.05
Moisture expansion ratio/% 0.11
Screw grip force/N/mm 57
Chloride ion content/% 6
Anti-halogenation resistance No water droplets, no return to moisture
Non-flammability A1
Formaldehyde emission/mg/L 0.07

Features of magnesium oxide board MgO board

Excellent fire prevention: magnesium plate has good fire performance, is a non-combustible plate, the flame lasting burning time is zero, reaching the highest fire incombustible level A1, and the high-quality keel partition system, the fire resistance limit of 8mm plate can reach 4 hours. 

Waterproof and moistureproof: it does not deteriorate and deform after soaking in water for several days, and its performance remains unchanged after drying. 

In dry, cold, and wet weather, the performance of the magnesium glass plate is always stable free from the influence of condensed water droplets and moist air; moisture absorption and halogenation will not occur, and the board body is not absorbent. 

Lightweight and earthquake resistance: the apparent density of magnesium plate is low, which reduces the load of the building, reduces the weight of the inner wall of the building by more than 60%, and increases the use area by 5-8%. 


Superior strength: glass fiber cloth and good toughness plant fiber; although the weight of magnesium glass plate is light, the structure is compact and stable, does not deform, has wood-like toughness, excellent performance in impact resistance, compression resistance, both rigid and tough. 

Heat insulation and sound insulation: magnesium plate has the characteristics of uniform fine holes and dense and inorganic materials, which are more heat insulating than lime-sand masonry, saving energy consumption and keeping the room comfortable and fresh air. 

Environmental protection and health: magnesium plate does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene, or harmful radioactive elements; smoke-free, non-toxic, and has no smell in case of fire. 

The material is natural mineral powder and plant fiber; the production process is natural maintenance, low energy consumption, no sewage, energy saving, and environmental protection; its unique natural fine pore structure can adjust the indoor temperature, making the room and office more comfortable. 

Versatility: the magnesium plate's uniquely smooth and rough surface provides functional diversity for customers to use. 

The surface can be pasted with wallpaper, aluminum-plastic board, decorative fireproof board, veneer, PVC, spray paint or latex paint, etc.; the rough surface can be pasted with ceramic tile, marble, granite, ash, and latex paint. 

Durability: the scientific formula completely solves the problem of moisture absorption and halogenation of magnesite; its strength increases with time; it can resist corrosion, acid, and alkali resistance; the change of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage is small; the dry shrinkage rate is less than 0.3%, and the humidity ratio is less than 0.6%. It has a frost resistance of 40 ℃. 

After ten years of testing, the magnesium plate is strong and durable, resistant to aging, and has a long life. 

Economical and affordable: magnesium plate has a high performance-to-price ratio, lightweight and high energy, moderate price, excellent processing and installation performance, can be affixed, cut, nailed, drilled, painted, planned, easy to handle, superior toughness, not easy to break, arbitrary use of self-tapping nails, gun nails, and straight nails for light installation, wet and dry hanging operations can be used to improve production efficiency.


What is the production process of a Magnesium oxide MgO board? 

Material preparation "molding" cutting, oxygen protection, dehalogenation, edge trimming, inspection, and packing. 


Applications of Magnesium oxide MgO board

Magnesium board is widely used in buildings, decoration, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, banks, hospitals, flue, integrated houses, movable board houses, and other internal decorations; it is a variety of plywood, density board, particleboard, plasterboard, and other board replacement products, is the regional building materials decoration, decoration associations focus on energy-saving and green building materials. 

Fireboard: magnesium board can be used as a fireboard in some public places such as shopping malls, hotels, and other places. Using it can play the role of fire prevention and improve the decoration grade. 

Ceiling: magnesium plate can also be used to make the ceiling; after drilling, it can be used as an aluminum buckle plate with fireproof, moistureproof characteristics. 

Sound insulation board: magnesium board can also be used to make sound insulation board because it has a good sound insulation effect, so it is widely used in public places, such as cinemas, libraries, and other places. 

Packing box: magnesium plates can also be used to make packing boxes, can be used in the outer packaging of products, play a role in protecting products, and can also be used to transport some heavier items. 

Wallboard: magnesium board can also be used to make wallboards and in some places where sound insulation and fire prevention are needed, such as classrooms, offices, etc. 

It can be used in basements, mines, and other humid environment projects, and various thermal insulation materials compounds can be used to make composite thermal insulation plates.

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