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Concrete Admixtures

Cement Antifoam

Cement antifoam can maintain a good physical state, without breaking the demulsification, breaking the foam and suppressing the foam, but it is stronger than the normal temperature state. When using this product for defoaming, the amount of addition is sm

What is Cement antifoam?

Cement defoamer, as known as cement antifoam, is a kind of additive specially designed according to the foaming characteristics of cement mortar in the mixing process. 

Its main function is effectively controlling foam formation in the concrete mortar system and making the concrete members more compact and bright.


Features of Cement antifoam

1. Defoamer has good dispersibility and rapid defoaming in cement mortar system

2. The amount of defoamer is small, and the efficiency is high

3. The defoamer can effectively control the foam generation in the cement mortar system, making the concrete components more dense and bright.


Application of Cement antifoam

The anti-foaming agent is mainly used for defoaming in the production process of cement mortar, water-reducing agent, concrete, asbestos tile, calcium silicate board, putty powder, mineral pulp, reinforcing agent, etc.


How to use Cement antifoam

1. Add directly to stock solution or add in batches

2. According to different systems, the additional amount of defoamer can be 0.1-1%, which is determined according to the customer's specific situation and practice.

3. A small test can be done before use to avoid abnormal situations.


Storage of Cement antifoam

Storage: the anti-foaming agent is not dangerous, non-flammable, sealed, and stored in a cool, ventilated, and dry place indoors. The container should be tightly sealed after each use before use. The shelf life is about 12 months at 25℃.

Transportation: This product should be well sealed during transportation to prevent moisture, strong alkalis, strong acids, rainwater, and other impurities from being mixed.

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