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What is the main uses of amorphous boron?

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Update time : 2021-12-09 10:11:56
Introduction to Amorphous Boron
Amorphous boron is also called elemental boron, monolithic boron. It is a full-color powder or gray shiny crystal with more lively chemical properties. Stable in air and room temperature. When heated to 300°C, it will be oxidized and ignited at 700°C. The flame is red when burning, and the boron flame with trace vaporization is green. Insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid, ethanol, ether. It can dissolve in cold concentrated alkali solution and decompose hydrogen, and be oxidized to boric acid by concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid.
Properties of Amorphous Boron
Amorphous boron interacts with oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, halogen, and carbon at high temperatures. It can also directly combine with many metals to form borides. The reaction of amorphous boron with organic compounds results in the direct synthesis of boron and carbon or the presence of oxygen between boron and carbon. Boron monomer divides elements into special positions in the boundary color of metal and non-metal in the periodic table. It is a comprehensive colored powder or gray shiny crystal with relatively active chemical properties.


How is Amorphous Boron B Powder produced?
There are two main techniques to obtain pure boron powder: via-gas and magnesiothermic reaction. The first technique uses hydrogen gas to reduce gaseous boron trichloride (BCl3), whereas the latter uses a combination of heat and magnesium to reduce the boron trioxide (B2O3) to elemental boron.
Main uses of amorphous boron
1. Amorphous boron can be applied to the ignition electrode of the ignition tube in the electronics industry.
2. Amorphous boron can be used as a catalyst in medicine, the ceramic industry, and organic synthesis.
3. Amorphous boron can be used as a neutron absorber and neutron counter in nuclear reactors.
4. Amorphous boron can be used as a safe gas catalyst for automobiles.
5. Amorphous boron can be used to synthesize various high-purity boron-containing compounds.
6. Amorphous boron can be used in solid rocket thrusters.
7. Amorphous boron can be used to smelt special alloy steel.
8. Amorphous boron is an important raw material for the production of high-purity boron halide.
9. Amorphous boron is the raw material for the production of borane and various borides. Borane can be used as a high-energy fuel for rockets and missiles.
10. Amorphous boron can be used as a protective material in the atomic energy industry to manufacture boron steel for atomic energy reactors.
11. Amorphous boron is the raw material for producing boron fiber.
12. Amorphous boron in semiconductors and electrons: After being carbonized at about 2300°C, it is used as the cathode material of the ignition core in the ignition tube. It can also be used as a raw material for preparing high-quality cathode material lanthanum boride.
13. Amorphous boron can be used in the firework industry.
14. Amorphous boron can be used as a gas scavenger in molten copper.
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