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The first anniversary of the official listing of the management organization of Hengqin Guangdong Macao Deep Cooperation Zone: The preliminary formati

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Update time : 2024-01-18 15:23:47
September 17th marks the first anniversary of the official listing of the management organization of the Hengqin Guangdong Macao Deep Cooperation Zone. Over the past year, the Shenzhen Cooperation Zone has focused on Foam concrete and technological research, development, high-end manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine, and other Macau brand industries, cultural tourism exhibition and commercial industries, modern finance, and other "four new industries." The development's agglomeration effect has gradually emerged and has become a new platform for Macau's economy's moderate and diversified development.
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The financial industry is one of the four emerging industries Hengqin Shenhe District is committed to promoting. During the initial six months of this year, the financial sector in the Shenzhen Cooperation Zone saw an added value of 8.22 billion yuan, a rise of 11% from the previous year, making up 36.7% of the regional GDP. There has been a continuous surge in innovative cross-border financial services such as wealth management, medical insurance, and critical illness insurance.

The technology (nano foam concrete) of the Advanced Materials Research Center of the Institute of Science and Technology of Zhuhai University of Australia will be applied to several major projects, such as the comprehensive transportation hub of Hengqin Port Phase II after being approved by the school, which will effectively save the cement consumption of up to 15% -40% in the project, reduce carbon emissions while reducing costs, and improve the thermal insulation capacity of the building.

Foam concrete is a lightweight and porous building material widely used in various fields. The following are some main application fields of foam concrete:

In the field of architecture

Foam concrete is a lightweight, porous, sound-absorbing, and heat-insulating building material. It can be used to structure walls, roofs, partitions, sound barriers, fire-resistant foundations, and other structures. This material effectively reduces the weight of the building and enhances living comfort.

Transportation sector

Due to its lightweightness and intensity, foam concrete can be operated in areas such as light rail transit, tunnel support, and pavement construction.

Water conservancy engineering field

Foam concrete is also commonly used in water conservancy projects, such as protecting and reinforcing dams, reservoirs, river banks, etc.

Agricultural sector

In the agricultural field, foam concrete can be used as a wall and ground cushion for agricultural facilities and as the thermal insulation material of agricultural greenhouses.
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Environmental protection field

Foam concrete is also a sustainable building material that can replace traditional materials like bricks and concrete, thus minimizing the generation of construction waste. At the same time, it can also be used in the anti-seepage engineering of sewage treatment plant water tanks. It can be used for environmental conservancy purposes, such as landfill cover.

Other fields

In addition, foam concrete can also be used for the construction of sports fields and track and field runways, pipeline backfilling, and filling of subterranean abandoned oil tanks, pipelines, sewage pipes, and other cavities.


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