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Concrete Admixtures

Concrete Foaming Agent Lightweight Concrete Solutions

Item No.: TR-B16
Animal protein-based cement foaming agent is mainly made of keratin protein from the horns of animals (cow, sheep, horse, donkey, etc.), so it has an unpleasant odor. The product obtained after a series of chemical reactions and physical treatment is a co
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What is concrete foaming agent?

Animal protein-based foaming agent is made of selected animal (bovine, sheep) keratin as the main raw material through a series of hydrolysis reactions, heating to dissolve, dilution, filtration, and high-temperature shrinkage.

Animal protein-based foaming agent is produced with advanced equipment, and the latest manufacturing technology, and the production process is subject to strict quality management.

Animal protein-based foaming agent is a dark brown viscous liquid with low impurity content, less irritating odor, uniform quality, good quality consistency, good foaming, and excellent. It belongs to a new generation of animal-based cement foaming agents.

Parameters of concrete foaming agent:

Items Parameters
Content 40%
Usage amount(kg/m3) 0.75-1.5
Foaming multiple 30
Bleeding rate(ml) 27
Apperance Brown liquid

Type of concrete foaming agent:

Brand Type Character
TRA Vegetable protein Transparent liquid
TRB Polymeric protein Brown liquid
TRC Polymeric protein Clear light yellow liquid

Feature of concrete foaming agent:

Among all the cement foaming agents, animal protein-based foaming agent has the best performance; the foam is stable, and most of the emitted foam remains after 24 hours because the bubble liquid film formed by the keratin is very tough and elastic. After being pressed by external force, it can immediately return to its original state and is not easy to break.

Therefore, the pores of the foam concrete produced by it are mostly closed spherical, with few connected pores.

The characteristics are that the foam is particularly stable and the diameter of the foam is small, which is suitable for the production of ultra-low density foamed concrete. It has good pouring stability and high strength of the foamed concrete.

It is a new type of environmentally friendly and efficient cement foaming agent. This foaming agent has been widely used in Japan, Korea, the United States, Italy, etc.


Applications of protein-based concrete foaming agent:

Lightweight concrete production

Insulation lightweight block, CLC blocks, wallboard production

Heat and sound insulation floor

Non-load-bearing wall panels

Cement or gypsum board

Fill the soil to prevent landslides

Underground drainage filling

Deicing under bridges and roads

Filling of tunnels and shafts

Production of thermal insulation lightweight concrete with polystyrene foam particles

Pearl Rock Cream Mix

Production of lightweight insulation floor and wall in steel structure system

Single-story building load-bearing wall.


Package of concrete foaming agent:

Protein-based cement foaming agents should be sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse at a temperature of -5℃-25℃.

25kg/barrel, 200kg/barrel, IBC Tank.


Shelf life of protein-based foaming agent:

Summer: 6 months

Winter: 12 months


Shipping method of protein-based foaming agent

Samples are shipped via DHL or FedEx.

Bulk protein-based foaming agent shipped by sea.


Suppliers of concrete foaming agent:
TRUNNANO is the global leader of Low-Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC), Celluar Light Concrete (CLC) and advanced engineered foam solutions. Known globally for its commitment to research, innovation, and applied expertise, we have been providing engineered foam solutions since the early 2012's.

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