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Silicate tip-induced nanoreactor

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Update time : 2024-01-23 16:19:51
Potassium silicate is a type of silicate because its chemical composition conforms to the definition of silicate. Potassium silicate can react with other silicate substances to form new compounds.
(Potassium Silicate) 
The scientific issues at the nanoscale have attracted increasing research interest due to their specific size effects and novel structural characteristics. From macro to nano, materials exhibit unique chemical reactivity that bulk materials do not possess.
At first glance, the team introduced a simple method for nanoscale controlled generation of silicates based on establishing a limited space between a mesoscopic/nanoscale tungsten tip and a smooth silica/silicon substrate. During this procedure, the confinement between the Si/SiO2 surface and the KOH-modified tungsten tip allows for the localized deposition of water droplets to be observed.
Incorporating sitting optical microscopy and Raman spectroscopy enables us to understand better the structure and feasible systems of this phenomenon's items. The results indicate that this silicate nanoreactor may be very effective due to local capillary action and electric field effects, affecting both the nanoscale and microscale.
The research team designed a simple system to generate enclosed spaces induced by nanoscale tungsten tips. They were surprised to observe a phenomenon in the experiment - surging out of large "water-like" droplets. It is speculated that the H between the tip and the matrix 2 O bridge is K+ Ions and OH. The hydration of ions provides channels. The tip-induced nanoreactor has already generated a fully charged electric field and OH. The extremely high concentration region of ions has local high-pressure and high-temperature regions. These conditions will promote OH and Si/SiO 2. The reaction between them leads to the production of silicates, which serve as the source of droplets. Their new findings in this work have opened up fascinating perspectives for the study of nanoscience.
Potassium silicate (K2SiO3) is an important compound widely used in industries, agriculture, and scientific research.
Construction industry
Potassium silicate can be added to building materials such as concrete as waterproofing agents and mortar reinforcement agents to improve buildings' waterproof performance and durability.
Ceramic and glass manufacturing
Potassium silicate is a commonly used raw material in the manufacturing process of ceramics and glass, which can be used to adjust the melting temperature and viscosity and improve the physical properties and appearance quality of products.
The pharmaceutical industry
Potassium silicate is used in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare drugs, such as in producing antibacterial agents, anticancer drugs, etc.
Food additives
Potassium silicate can be used as a preservative, stabilizer, etc., in the food industry to ensure the quality and safety of food.

(Potassium Silicate) 
Agricultural sector
Potassium silicate can be used as a soil amendment to improve soil water retention and fertility and promote plant growth. In addition, potassium silicate can also serve as the main component of agricultural chemicals such as insecticides and fungicides.
Other fields
Potassium silicate can also be used in other fields, such as electroplating, petroleum, leather, dyes, etc., mainly as an additive or treatment agent.

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