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Motif based high throughput structure prediction of superconducting monolayer titanium boride

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Update time : 2023-07-06 11:12:35
What is Titanium Boride?
Titanium-diboride is known for its extreme hardness. Unlike other coatings, TiB2 does not react with aluminum. No material particles can adhere to the tooltip when processing aluminum. This prevents rapid wear to tools due to the higher use of force involved in machining and the premature breaking of the tooltip. Tools coated with titanium diboride, therefore, particularly well suited to processing. We pretreat TiB2 powder, means that the microstructure of our targets is extremely fine.
Titanium Diboride-Based Hierarchical Nanosheets as Anode Material for Li-Ion Batteries
Two-dimensional (2D) materials are enabling us to pursue several exciting avenues to enhance the performance of electrochemical energy-storage devices. Particularly, 2D nanostructures based on transition-metal diborides (TMDs) are theoretically predicted to possess an exceptionally high rate and long cycling stability for Li-ion storage owing to the intrinsic presence of boron honeycomb planes and multivalent transition-metal atoms. This study presents the first experimental investigation of the Li-ion storage potential of one such TMD-based nanostructure–titanium diboride (TiB2)-based hierarchical nanosheets (THNS). We demonstrate that THNS can be utilized as a high-rate anode material for Li-ion battery (LIB) and that a discharge capacity as high as 380 mA h g–1 can be obtained at a current rate of 0.025 A g1– galvanostatic charge/discharge. Further, a discharge capacity of 174 mA h g–1 can be obtained at a current rate of 1 A g1– (charge time of 10 min) with a capacity retention of 89.7% after 1000 cycles. We also demonstrate that the THNS-based LIB anode can sustain extremely high current rates. We also present some into the charge-storage characteristics of THNS-based anodes using ex-situ electrochemical field emission scanning electron microscopy and X-ray photoemission spectroscopy measurements.

Motif based high-throughput structure prediction of superconducting monolayer titanium boride
Due to the diversity of properties, two-dimensional boron structures attract great attention because of their potential applications in nanoelectronic devices. A series of \ce{TiB_x} (4x11) monolayers are efficiently constructed through our motif-based method and theoretically investigated through high-throughput first-principles calculations. The configurations are generated based on motifs of boron triangular/quadrilateral fragments and multi-coordinate titanium-centered boron molecular wheels. Besides previously reported \ce{TiB4}, which was discovered by global search method, we predict that high symmetry monolayers \ce{TiB7} (Cmmm) and \ce{TiB9} (P31m), which are octa-coordinate and nona-coordinate titanium boride are thermodynamic stable. The \ce{TiB7} monolayer is a BCS superconductor with the transition temperature Tc up to 8K. The motif-based approach is proved efficient in searching stable structures with prior knowledge so that the potentially stable transition metal monolayers can be quickly constructed using basic cluster motifs. As an efficient way of discovering materials, the method is easily extended to predict other materials with common characteristic patterns in the structure.

Price of Titanium Boride
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