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Is MnO2 a powder?

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Author : Lql
Update time : 2022-12-08 13:23:18
What is MnO2?
MnO2 is the chemical abbreviation of manganese dioxide. Manganese dioxide is an amphoteric oxide, a very stable black powdery solid at room temperature and can be used as a depolarizer for dry batteries. Physical properties: black amorphous powder or black rhombic crystal. Solubility: Insoluble in water, weak acid, weak alkali, nitric acid, and cold sulfuric acid. When heated, it dissolves in concentrated hydrochloric acid to produce chlorine gas. Solubility: Difficult to dissolve in water, weak acid, weak base, nitric acid, cold sulfuric acid, and dissolve in conc. Purity: 96.6%,72%. Particle Size: 1-3um
What is MnO2 used for?
Electrolytic manganese dioxide is an excellent depolarizer for batteries. Compared with dry batteries produced by natural discharge manganese dioxide, electrolytic manganese dioxide has a large discharge capacity, intense activity, small volume and long service life. Therefore, electrolytic manganese dioxide has become an important raw material for the battery industry.
In addition to being the primary raw material of batteries, physical electrolytic manganese dioxide has been widely used in other fields, such as an oxidizing agent in fine chemical production and raw material of soft magnetic materials of manganese-zinc ferrite. Electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) is an excellent water purification filter material with all-around performance because of its catalytic solid, oxidation/reduction, ion exchange and adsorption capabilities. Compared with the commonly used water purification filter materials such as activated carbon and zeolite, EMD has stronger decolourization and metal removal capabilities.
How is Manganese Dioxide MnO2 produced?
Manganese dioxide is mainly taken from the natural mineral pyrolusite. Manganese carbonate and pyrolusite can be used as raw materials. The preparation of manganese sulfate solution includes leaching, removing iron, neutralizing, removing heavy metals, filtering, standing to remove calcium and magnesium, etc. After electrolysis at high temperature, the crude product is obtained, and then the qualified crystal is obtained by treatment including stripping, crushing, washing, neutralizing and drying. When the manganese chloride solution is electrolyzed, fibrous manganese dioxide can be prepared. There are also pyrolysis methods of manganese carbonate and manganese nitrate, prepared by direct oxidation of manganese suboxide and oxidants such as sodium chlorate, chlorine and oxygen.
Chemical properties of manganese dioxide
Manganese dioxide is a tunnel structure in which the oxygen atom is on the corner of an octahedron, the manganese atom is in an octahedron, and the [MnO2] octahedron is connected in the same edge to form a single chain or a double chain. These chains and other chains are topped together to create a gap, and the octahedron is either packed in hexagonal or square. Manganese dioxide is a kind of non-salt oxide, non-amphoteric oxide (it does not react with acid or alkali): it oxidizes when it meets a reducing agent. For example, manganese dioxide is put into hydrogen flow and heated to 1400K to obtain manganese oxide; Heating manganese dioxide is in ammonia gas flow to obtain brown manganese trioxide; Manganese dioxide reacts with concentrated hydrochloric acid to get L manganese chloride, chlorine and water. When exposed to strong oxidants, it also shows reducibility. Suppose manganese dioxide, potassium carbonate and potassium nitrate or chlorate are mixed and melted. In that case, a dark green melt can be obtained, and potassium permanganate, a hexavalent manganese compound, can be obtained by dissolving the melt in water and cooling it. It is a strong oxidant in an acid medium. Strong oxidant, which does not burn itself but supports combustion. Do not place it with flammable materials.
The price of MnO2 powder
The market price of MnO2 powder is affected by various factors. Currently, its market price is in the process of dynamic change. If you need it, please contact us at any time.
MnO2 powder supplier
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