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Application of nano alumina powder in various fields

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Update time : 2022-01-14 16:08:22
Lithium battery diaphragm coating material: high-purity nano-alumina is coated as a ceramic coating on the positive and negative electrode separators of lithium batteries, which plays the role of heat resistance, high temperature resistance and insulation, so as to prevent the power battery from being damaged due to excessive temperature. Melted and short-circuited.
Lithium battery cathode material additive: Doping high-purity nano-alumina into lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, etc. can improve thermal stability, improve cycle performance and overcharge resistance, inhibit the generation of oxygen and the decomposition of LiPF6, and avoid LiCo02 Direct contact with the electrolyte reduces the loss of electrochemical specific capacity, thereby increasing the electrochemical specific capacity of LiCoO2.
Catalyst carrier: High-purity γ-type nano-alumina is a porous material, with an internal surface area of ​​hundreds of square meters per gram, high activity and strong adsorption capacity. It is a commonly used adsorbent, catalyst and catalyst carrier in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry; it is a deacidifying agent for transformer oil and turbine oil in industry, and it is also used for chromatographic analysis; it is a neutral strong desiccant in the laboratory , its drying capacity is no less than that of phosphorus pentoxide, and it can be regenerated and reused after heating for 6-8 hours below 175 °C.
Powder coating anti-caking: Nano aluminum oxide is used in powder coatings to improve the bulkiness of powder coatings and has good anti-caking effect. Good storage properties for powder coatings used in high temperature and high humidity environments.
Coating, rubber, plastic wear-resistant hardening agent: adding 5-20% of nano-alumina powder, the prepared coating can greatly improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the coating, which is 2~2 higher than the traditional coating. 5 times. After adding nano-alumina to the paint, a very fine, uniform and very hard network structure can be formed on the surface of the paint to protect the underlying polymer paint layer from damage. The anti-scratch performance of the nano-paint is better than the original one. The paint is increased by 3 times and is widely used in car paint and so on. Adding nano-alumina can significantly improve the hardness of the coating, adding about 20% can reach 6-7H. Does not affect the transparency of the coating.
Plastics, rubbers, adhesives, coatings thermal conductivity: alumina single crystal has a thermal conductivity of 30, a high thermal conductivity, and a large spherical filling. In order to improve the compatibility between the resin matrix and the filler, improve the thermal conductivity of the matrix material without reducing its mechanical properties, surface treatment agents such as coupling agents are commonly used for surface treatment, and the thermal conductivity is significantly improved.
Ceramic: Nano alumina, high purity, uniform particle size and good dispersibility. Adding about 10% of sintered ceramics will increase the molding pressure and reduce the number of pores, thereby increasing the density of the ceramic green body, improving the density and mechanical properties of alumina ceramics after sintering, and reducing the sintering temperature more effectively.
Powder metallurgy: Nano-alumina powder for metallurgy, small particle size, large specific surface area, high activity, adding 1-3% of nano-alumina to prevent matrix densification and grain size increase, enhanced hardness, electrical conductivity and mechanical properties Enhanced, improved melting point and high temperature resistance.
Polishing: Alumina has uniform particles and high sphericity. It is a precision polishing powder and a good material for metallographic polishing. It is also suitable for stainless steel mirror polishing, titanium metal polishing, cast iron polishing, aluminum mirror polishing, and stone mirror polishing. , Paint polishing, resin polishing, PCB circuit board polishing, glass polishing, optical glass, glasses lens polishing, resin lens polishing, sapphire polishing, LED polishing, germanium polishing, zinc polishing, fast polishing, good brightness, no scratches.

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