Hydride Powder

Titanium Hydride TiH2 Powder CAS 7704-98-5

Item No.: Tr-TiH2
Purity: 99%
Particle Size: 5-10um
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Product Features of Titanium Hydride TiH2 powder:
titanium hydride TiH2  is relatively stable in air, titanium hydride can also be used to prepare H2 and titanium
hydroxide. Titanium hydride can be obtained by reacting H2 with titanium metal directly. Above 300 °C, the
metal titanium can reversibly absorb H2, and finally forms a compound of the formula TiH2. If heated to above
1000°C, titanium hydride will be fully decomposed into titanium and H2.

Technical Parameter of Titanium Hydride TiH2 powder:
Product Name     MF      Purity   Particle Size Melting Point Density Color
titanium hydride TiH2 99% 5-10um 350℃ 3.76 g/cm3 dark gray
Chemical Composition of Titanium Hydride TiH2 powder:
TiH2 O N P Si S Pb
99% 0.23% 0.08% 0.01% 0.002% 0.05% 0.04%

Application of Titanium Hydride TiH2 powder:
Titanium hydride powder can be widely used in the fields of fireworks, aerospace, medicine, petroleum, petrochemicals,
pure alkali, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, navigation, nuclear power etc.
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