High Purity Fe powder price Iron powder

Item No.: Tr-Fe
Particle size: 80nm
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 Iron powder nanoparticle Features

Grade Model

average particle diameter (nm)

Purity (%) Specific Surface Area (m2 / g) bulk density (g / cm3) polymorph Color
Nano Tr-Fe-001 80nm >99.9 20 2.3 Spherical  Black
Submicron Tr-Fe-002 800nm >99.4 2 1.5 Spherical  Ash black
Custom processing: product purity and particle size appropriate adjustments based on customer needs


Iron powder  Physical and chemical properties

Nano-iron, superfine iron ion laser beam through a variable current equipment fumed, product powder uniform particle size, narrow particle size distribution, high purity, low carbon, sulfur, phosphorus and other harmful elements, good liquidity, powder antioxidant high capacity, low sintering temperature, high purity, high sphericity, particle size control, black powder, the average particle size of 30-80nm, not covering more than 99.99% purity. High-performance magnetic materials, magnetic fluid, absorbing materials, permeability slurry, nano-directing agent, the idea of absorbing materials.


Iron powder  Main application

An absorbing material: metal nanopowders have a special electromagnetic wave absorption. Iron, cobalt, zinc oxide powder and carbon-coated metal powder can be used as material for military use high performance millimeter wave invisible, visible infrared stealth stealth materials and structural materials, as well as cell phone radiation shielding materials;
2 permeability pulp: use of nano-iron features high saturation magnetization and high permeability, can be made into a slurry permeability, head for fine bonding structure;
3 high-performance magnetic materials: the use of nano-iron high coercivity, high saturation magnetization, high signal to noise ratio and good oxidation resistance, etc., can greatly improve the performance of large-capacity hard and soft magnetic tape and disk;
4 MHD: Excellent iron, cobalt, nickel and alloy powders produced magnetic fluid performance, can be widely used in sealing damping, medical equipment, sound adjustment, light show and other fields.
This product is inert gas antistatic packaging, should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool environment, not long-term exposure to air, anti-damp occurred reunion affect the dispersion properties and effects.

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