Nitride Powder

Hafnium Nitride HfN Powder CAS 25817-87-2

Item No.: Tr-HfN
Purity: 99%
Particle Size: 5-10um
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Product Performance of Hafnium Nitride HfN powder:
Hafnium Nitride is powder, cubic structure, melting point 3310℃, it is quite stable, but easily by aqua regia,
concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen fluoride acid corrosion. Reaction generated directly by the hafnium
and nitrogen at 900℃, it is the important part of refractory compounds hafnium alloy.

Technical Parameter of Hafnium Nitride HfN powder:
Product Name      MF       Purity    Particle Size Melting Point Density Color
hafnium nitride HfN 99% 5-10um 3310℃ 13.2 g/ml   yellow brown

Chemical Composition of Hafnium Nitride HfN powder:
Mg3N2 N Hf Si O C Fe Zr
99% 5.1% balance 0.01% 0.4% 0.01% 0.25% 1.8%

Application of Hafnium Nitride HfN powder:

Used in high temperature, oxidation resistance and aviation, aerospace and other fields.


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