Oxide Powder

Gadolinium Oxide Gd2O3 Powder CAS 12064-62-9

Item No.: TR-Gd2O3
The chemical formula of gadolinium oxide is Gd2O3, which is a white odorless amorphous powder. Insoluble in water, soluble in acid to form the corresponding salt.
Purity: 99.9%
Particle size: -100mesh
Performance of Gadolinium Oxide Gd2O3 Powder:
Gadolinium Oxide is one kind of rare earth oxides, it is mainly used for making optical glass and gadolinium yttrium garnets which have microwave applications. High purity Gadolinium Oxide is used for making phosphors for colour TV tube.

Technical Parameter of Gadolinium Oxide Gd2O3 Powder:
Gd2O3/TREO(%,Min) 99.999 99.999
TREO(%,Min) 99.0 99.64
RE Impurities(ppm/TREO,Max)
La2O3   <1.0
CeO2   <1.0
Pr6O11   <1.0
Nd2O3   <1.0
Sm2O3   <1.0
Eu2O3   <1.0
Tb4O7   1.5
Dy2O3   <1.0
Ho2O3   <1.0
Er2O3   <1.0
Tm2O3   <1.0
Yb2O3   <1.0
Lu2O3   <1.0
Y2O3   <1.0
Non-Re Impurities(ppm,Max)
Fe2O3   <1.0
CaO   4
SiO2   13
Cl-   <50
Al2O3   <50
L.O.I (%)   0.26

Application of Gadolinium Oxide Gd2O3 Powder:
Dysprosium Oxide, is the main raw materials for Dysprosium Metal which is widely used in Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets, also have specialized uses in ceramics, glass, phosphors, lasers and Dysprosium Metal halide lamp. High purity of Dysprosium Oxide is used in electronics industry as an antireflection coating in photoelectric devices. Because of dysprosium's high thermal-neutron absorption cross-section, Dysprosium-Oxide–Nickel cermets are used in neutron-absorbing control rods in nuclear reactors. Dysprosium and its compounds are highly susceptible to magnetization, they are employed in various data-storage applications, such as in hard disks.

Packing & Shipping of Gadolinium Oxide Gd2O3 Powder:
It is packed in double plastic bags inside, which can be filled with argon in vacuum; it can be vacuumed and filled with argon for protection..
Gadolinium Oxide Gd2O3 Powder packing: vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.
Gadolinium Oxide Gd2O3 Powder shipping: could be shipped out by sea , by air, by express as soon as possible once payment receipt.
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