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Why cement foaming agent can reduce liquid surface tension

What is cement foaming agent?
The Cement foaming agent is a substance that can produce a lot of foam when its aqueous solution is introduced into the air by mechanical force. This kind of substance is a surfactant or surfactant. The essence of the foaming agent is its surface activity. Without surface activity, it cannot be foamed and become a foaming agent; Surfactability is the core of foaming. Broadly defined foaming agents refer to all surfactants or surfactants whose aqueous solution can produce a large amount of foam when air is introduced. Because most surfactants and surfactants have a large amount of foaming capacity, the broad sense of foaming agents includes most surfactants and surfactants. Therefore, the broad sense of foaming agents has a wide range of types, Their performance and quality vary greatly, and they have a wide range of selectivity.

In the narrow sense, foaming agents refer to those that can not only produce a large number of foam but also have excellent performance, meet the technical requirements for foaming various products, and can be used to produce actual surfactants or surfactants. The biggest difference between them and generalized foaming agents is their application value; their excellent performance reflects their application value. Its excellent performance is shown by its particularly strong foaming ability, large foam production per unit volume, very stable foam, long-time non-defoaming, fine foam, good compatibility with the use medium, etc.

Application of cement foaming agent
Foamed water has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation. Because of its unique material and manufacturing process, foamed water has a very strong role in heat preservation and insulation. It is often used in building heat preservation and heat insulation areas. Foamed water is mainly used in retaining walls because it has very good rigidity, it reduces the lateral load on the bank, so it will not produce pressure which will reduce maintenance costs; the application of foam water will save money to a large extent.
Selection method of cement foaming agent
Foamed magnesite cement is different from ordinary magnesite cement. The unit weight is generally controlled at 500kg/m ³ Below, some products, such as fire door core plates, require lower unit weight, which is generally controlled at 250~340kg/m ³ Therefore, the requirements of foamed magnesite cement on foaming agents are relatively high. There are many kinds of foaming agents on the market, and the quality is uneven, making the producers often at a loss in choosing foaming agents.
Price of cement foaming agent
Cement foaming agent particle size and purity will affect the product's price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of the cement foaming agent. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The price of cement foaming agents can be found on our company's official website.
Cement foaming agent supplier
Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co. Ltd.  (TRUNNANO) Luoyang City, Henan Province, China, is a reliable and high-quality global chemical material supplier and manufacturer. It has more than 12 years of experience providing ultra-high quality chemicals and nanotechnology materials, including cement foaming agents, nitride powder, graphite powder, sulfide powder, and 3D printing powder. If you are looking for a high-quality and cost-effective cement foaming agent, you are welcome to contact us or inquire at any time.

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