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What is sodium silicate? 

What is sodium silicate? 
Sodium silicate, commonly known as sodium silicate, is a kind of inorganic substance, the chemical formula is Na2O ·nSiO2, its aqueous solution is commonly known as water glass, is a kind of mineral adhesive. 
Its chemical formula is Na2O ·nSiO2, which is a soluble inorganic silicate and has a wide range of applications. 

Physical and chemical properties
The larger the modulus of sodium silicate is, the more difficult it is to dissolve solid sodium silicate in water, when n is 1, hot water is needed to dissolve, when n is larger, hot water is needed to dissolve, and when n is more than 3, steam at more than 4 atmospheric pressure is needed to dissolve. 
The larger the modulus of sodium silicate is, the more the content of Si is, the viscosity of sodium silicate increases, it is easy to decompose and harden, the adhesion increases, and the degree of polymerization of sodium silicate with different modulus is different, which leads to significant differences in silicic acid components which have important influence on production and application in its hydrolysate, so sodium silicate with different modulus has different uses. 

What is the modulus of sodium silicate? 
Molecular formula of sodium silicate: Na2O ·nSiO2
The modulus of sodium silicate is n=SiO2/Na2O (molar ratio), which shows the composition of sodium silicate and is an important parameter of sodium silicate, which is generally between 1.5 and 3.5. 

Uses of sodium silicate
1 Sodium silicate is the most valuable filler in soap making industry. Adding sodium silicate into laundry soap can slow down the alkalinity of laundry soap, reduce the loss of laundry soap in water, enhance washing ability and prevent soap from rancidity. 
2 Sodium silicate plays a role in helping washing, anticorrosion and stabilizing foam in synthetic detergents. 
3 can be used as a filler for papermaking. 
4 for the manufacture of silica gel and silica gel. 
5 used as a binder in the foundry industry, bonding sand and clay to make all kinds of molds and cores needed by adults. 

The use of water glass: 
1 Water glass coated on the metal surface will form alkali metal silicate and SiO2 gel film to protect the metal from external acid, alkali and other corrosion. 
2 used as binder to bond glass, ceramics, asbestos, wood, plywood, etc. 
3 used for manufacturing refractories, silica and acid-resistant cement. 
4 used as size and impregnating agent in textile industry, as fixing agent and mordant in textile dyeing and embossing, and for silk fabric weight. 
5 add water glass to leather production, and its dispersed colloid SiO2 is used to produce soft leather. 
6 can be used to preserve eggs in the food industry to prevent microorganisms from entering the eggshell gap and causing deterioration. 
7 in the sugar industry, water glass can remove pigments and resins from sugar solution.

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