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Why can silicon nitride be applied to solar cells?

What is silicon nitride powder?
Silicon nitride powderα- and β- Two kinds of crystals, the silicon powder is prepared under high temperatures in a nitrogen atmosphere. They can also be irradiated by carbon dioxide laser beam from silicon halide and ammonia to generate amorphous silicon nitride and then heated in a 1450 electric furnaceThey are mainly used as raw materials for functional ceramic materials, Non-ferrous metal refractory materials, high-temperature structural materials such as aircraft engines, gas transmission nozzles, bearings, and heat-resistant coatings as materials for grinding.
Use of silicon nitride powder
Because silicon nitride can form a strong combination with silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, thorium dioxide, boron nitride, etc., it can be used as a binding material and modified in different proportions. In addition, silicon nitride can also be used in solar cells. After the silicon nitride film is plated by the PECVD method, it can not only be used as an antireflection film to reduce the reflection of the incident light but also, during the deposition of a silicon nitride film, the reaction product hydrogen atoms enter the silicon nitride film and silicon wafer, It plays the role of passivating defects. The ratio of silicon nitride to silicon nitride atoms here is not strictly 4:3 but fluctuates within a certain range according to the different technological conditions. The physical properties of the films corresponding to different atomic ratios are different. It is used for ultra-high temperature gas turbines, aircraft engines, electric furnaces, etc.
Structure of silicon nitride powder
The two tops of the regular octahedron are Si, the four N's are the four points of the middle plane of the octahedron, and then the center of the plane generated by these four N's is the last three Si's. Make sure that each Si is connected with four N's, each N is connected with three silicon's, and there is no connection between N-N.
Price of silicon nitride powder
Silicon nitride powder particle size and purity will affect the product's price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of silicon nitride powder. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The price of silicon nitride powder can be found on our company's official website.
Silicon nitride powder supplier
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