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 What's so unique about Molybdenum disulfide?

What is Molybdenum disulfide?
Molybdenum disulfide is a leaden gray to solid black powder, contact with slippery, odorless, belongs to the hexagonal or orthorhombic crystal system, similar to graphite, with a metallic luster. Relative density is 5.06 or 4.80 with a melting point of 1185℃ and a Mohs hardness of 1.0 to 1.5. Insoluble in water, dilute acid can be eroded by concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid, boiling concentrated hydrochloric acid, royal water, pure oxygen, fluorine, and chlorine. Unsoluble in other acids, bases, solvents, petroleum, and synthetic lubricants. Good chemical stability and thermal stability. It cannot have a chemical reaction with the general metal surface, does not erode the rubber material, and is a non-magnetic material and semiconductor property compound. Molybdenum disulfide Mo-S edges are quite many, easy to peel between the layer, has a good anisotropy, S has a strong adhesion to the metal, can be well attached to the metal surface always play a lubrication function. Molybdenum disulfide used as a lubricant has high compressive strength, wear resistance, excellent adhesion, low friction coefficient, film-forming structure characteristics, the stable film under high pressure; in high temperature (1200℃), low temperature (-190℃), high speed, high pressure, ultra-low temperature, and high vacuum conditions. Molybdenum disulfide begins to oxidation molybdenum trioxide at 400℃ and over 540℃. Sublimmates at 450℃ in an inert atmosphere, starting at 1370℃ and 1600℃ into molybdenum and sulfur. Molybdenum disulfide and chlorine gas are heated to form molybdenum pentafluoride, and lithium alkyl is reacted under control to produce the embedded sandwich compound LiXMoS2. Little toxicity profile.
Main uses of Molybdenum disulfide
Molybdenum disulfide is an important solid lubricant, suitable for high temperatures and pressure. Molybdenum disulfide has diamagnetic resistance, which can be used as a linear photoconductor and a semiconductor displaying P-or N-type conductive performance, rectification, and conversion; molybdenum disulfide can be used as a catalyst for complex hydrocarbon dehydrogenation; the main function of molybdenum disulfide used in friction material is friction at low temperature, high temperature, small burn loss, volatile in friction material; molybdenum disulfide is obtained by chemical purification, its PH value is 7-8, slightly alkaline. It covers the surface of friction materials, can protect other materials, and prevent them from oxidation, especially making other materials not easy to fall off, the adhesion enhancement; molybdenum disulfide can become a new material for making transistors. Compared to graphene, a two-dimensional material, molybdenum disulfide has a band gap of 1.8 eV, while graphene has no band gap.
Price of Molybdenum disulfide
The different price of Molybdenum disulfide purity is also different. The market price of Molybdenum disulfide is in the process of dynamic change. The price of Molybdenum disulfide can be found on our company's official website. If you need it, you can ask us at any time. 
Molybdenum disulfide supplier
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