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What are the silicon-aluminum alloys?

What is Silicon-aluminum alloy?
High-silicon aluminum alloy is a binary alloy composed of silicon and aluminum, which is an alloy material mainly used in aerospace, space technology, and portable electronic devices.
High silicon aluminum alloy is a binary alloy composed of silicon and aluminum, and it is a metal-based thermal management material. The high-silicon aluminum alloy material can maintain the excellent properties of silicon and aluminum, and the contents of silicon and aluminum are quite rich. The preparation technology of silicon powder is mature and the cost is low. At the same time, this material has no pollution to the environment and is harmless to the human body. The density of high silicon aluminum alloy is between 2.4 and 2.7 g/cm, and the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is between 7 and 20 ppm/. Increasing the silicon content can significantly reduce the density and coefficient of thermal expansion of the alloy material. At the same time, the high-silicon aluminum alloy also has excellent properties, such as good thermal conductivity, high specific strength, and stiffness, good plating performance with gold, silver, copper, and nickel, weldability with the substrate, easy precision machining, and so on. It is an electronic packaging material with broad application prospects, especially in high-tech fields such as aerospace, space technology, and portable electronic devices.
Classifications of Silicon-aluminum alloy
Silicon-aluminum alloys, which are very important in industry, can be divided into four categories:
(1) Hypoeutectic silicon-aluminum alloy contains 9% ~ 12% silicon.
(2) The eutectic silicon-aluminum alloy contains 11% ~ 13% silicon.
(3) The silicon content of hyper eutectic silicon-aluminum alloy is above 12%, mainly in the range of 15% ~ to 20%.
(4) Those with a silicon content of more than 22% are called high-silicon aluminum alloys, of which 25%-70% are the main ones, and the highest silicon content in the world can reach 80%.
Uses of Silicon-aluminum alloy
Application of high silicon aluminum alloy in electronic packaging
1) high-power integrated circuit packaging: high-silicon aluminum alloy provides effective heat dissipation;
2) Carrier: it can be used as a local heat sink to make the components more closely arranged;
3) Optical frame: high silicon aluminum alloy provides a low thermal expansion coefficient, high rigidity, and machinability;
4) Heat sink: High silicon aluminum alloy provides effective heat dissipation and structural support.
Application of high silicon aluminum alloy in automobile parts
High-silicon aluminum alloy material (with a silicon content of 20%-35%) has excellent tribological properties and can be used as an advanced lightweight wear-resistant material, which has been widely used in various transportation tools, power machines, machine tools, special fasteners, and tools.
High-silicon aluminum alloy has a series of advantages, such as small specific gravity, light weight, good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, good volume stability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, and is widely used as materials for cylinder liners, pistons, rotors and brake discs of automobile engines.
Price of Silicon-aluminum alloy
Silicon-aluminum alloy particle size and purity will affect the product's price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Silicon-aluminum alloy. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The price of Silicon-aluminum alloy can be found on our company's official website.
Silicon-aluminum alloy supplier
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