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What are the characteristics of spherical silica powder?

What are the characteristics of spherical silica powder
Spherical silica powder is a white powder with high purity and fine particles. It has good dielectric properties and thermal conductivity and has the advantage of a low coefficient of expansion. Has a strong development potential.
What are the advantages of spherical silica powder compared with angular silica powder?
The surface of the ball has good fluidity. Stir with the resin to form a uniform film, so that the amount of resin added is small, and the filling amount of the micro-silica powder is the highest, so the spheroidization means the increase of the filling rate of the microsilica powder, and the higher the filling rate of the micro silica powder, the smaller the coefficient of thermal expansion. The lower the thermal conductivity, the closer it is to the thermal expansion coefficient of single-crystal silicon, and the better the performance of the electronic components produced therefrom.
Compared with the molding compound made of angular silica powder, the spherical molding compound has the smallest stress concentration and the highest strength. When the stress concentration of the molding compound of the angular powder is 1, the stress concentration of the spherical powder is only 0.6. The resulting microelectronic device has a high yield rate, is convenient for transportation and installation, and is not prone to mechanical damage during use.
The spherical powder has a small friction coefficient and less wear on the mold. Compared with angular powder, the service life of the mold can be doubled.
How is spherical silica powder made?
There are physical and chemical methods for preparing spherical silica powder. Physical methods mainly include flame spheroidization, high-temperature melt injection, self-propagating low-temperature combustion, plasma, and high-temperature calcination spheroidization; chemical methods mainly include gas phase method, hydrothermal synthesis method, sol-gel method, precipitation method, etc. method, microemulsion method, etc.
The flame balling method is to first crush, screen and purify the high-purity quartz sand, and then send the quartz powder into the high-temperature field generated by gas-oxygen, perform high-temperature melting, cooling, and forming into balls, and finally form high-purity spherical.
Specifically, industrial fuel gases such as acetylene gas, hydrogen gas, and natural gas can be used as a clean and pollution-free flame for melting powder as a heat source. If ordinary quartz powder is used as raw material, and the oxygen-acetylene flame method is used to prepare spherical silica powder, the surface can be guaranteed to be smooth and the nodularity can reach 95%. If the raw material of rice husk is selected, use a chemical flame to make it into a spherical shape.
Spherical silica powder prepared by the flame method can meet the requirements of integrated circuit packaging. Compared with plasma high-temperature flame, it is easy to realize industrialized mass production, and it is a promising production process
The basic principle of plasma technology is to use the high-temperature region of the plasma moment to melt silica powder, form spherical droplets due to the effect of liquid surface tension, and then form spherical particles during the rapid cooling process. This method has high energy, fast heat transfer, and fast cooling, and the prepared product has a controllable shape, high purity, and no agglomeration
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