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What are the characteristics of AES surfactants

What are the properties of AES surfactants
AES surfactant is a white or yellow gel paste, easily soluble in water, and an excellent anionic surfactant. Excellent deterring power, emulsification power, wetting power, foaming properties, hard water resistance, and mild washing performance will not damage the skin. Good solubility, thickening effect, wide compatibility, high biodegradability, and low irritation to skin and eyes.
AES surfactant is derived from fatty acid extracted from vegetable oil and processed to obtain fatty alcohol, and then reacts with petroleum source ethylene oxide to obtain fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, and then adds sulfuric acid, and finally adds sodium hydroxide to get AES.
If AES is diluted into an aqueous solution containing 30% or 60% of the active substance without a viscosity regulator, it usually results in a gel with a high viscosity. To avoid this situation, the correct method is to add the highly active product to the specified amount of water while stirring. However, water should not be added to highly active raw materials, or a gel may form.
What are the applications of AES surfactants
1. Widely used in shampoo, bath liquid, dishwashing detergent, composite soap and other washing cosmetics; Used in the textile industry as a wetting agent, cleaning agent, etc.
2. Washing industry: as a non-ionic surfactant, emulsification, foaming, and decontamination effect. It is the main active ingredient of laundry detergent, body wash, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, and metal cleaning agents, but it is not resistant to strong alkalis.
3. Textile printing and dyeing industry: as a textile printing and dyeing assistant, emulsion silicone oil penetrant levelling agent polypropylene oil agent plays an emulsifying role.
4. Paper industry: as a deinking agent, blanket cleaning agent, and desensitizing agent.
5. Other include pesticide emulsifiers, crude oil demulsifiers, lubricating oil emulsifiers, etc.
AES in shampoo, shower liquid, tableware liquid detergent (dishwashing liquid), and clothing liquid detergent application, if the pH quality index allows, should be as high as possible to the pH value. AES water solubility is better than AS; At room temperature, it can be prepared into any proportion of transparent water solution. AES is more widely used than LAS in liquid detergent and has better compatibility; It can be combined with many surfactants to form a transparent aqueous solution. AES in synthetic surfactants, the output ranks third, and the price is lower than AS. AES surfactants are less irritating to the skin, soluble in water, and can improve dry and rough skin, but the stability in acidic media is slightly poor - the pH must be controlled much higher than 4, and the decontamination power is inferior to LAS and AS. Partially replacing LAS with AES reduces or eliminates phosphates and reduces the consumption of the total active substance.

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