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New lubricating material Molybdenum Disulfide 

What is the role of the Molybdenum Disulfide?
Molybdenum disulfide is an essential solid lubricant, especially suitable for high temperatures and pressure. It also has diamagnetic, can be used as a linear photoelectric conductor and display a P or N-type conductive semiconductor with the role of rectification and energy conversion. Molybdenum disulfide can also be used as a catalyst for dehydrating complex hydrocarbons. It is also known as the "advanced solid lubricating oil king". Molybdenum disulfide is a solid powder made of natural molybdenum concentrate powder after chemical purification and changing the molecular structure. This colour is black, slightly silver grey, with a metallic lustre, touch, and insoluble in water. The product has the advantages of good dispersion, no bonding, can be added in a variety of oil, the formation of never bonding colloidal state, and can increase the lubricity and extreme pressure of the oil. Also suitable for high temperatures, high pressure, high speed and high load of mechanical working state, prolonging the life of the equipment. The primary function of molybdenum disulfide used in friction material is friction reduction at low temperatures, friction increase at high temperatures, slight burning loss, and volatility in friction material. Molybdenum disulfide is obtained by chemical purification and comprehensive reaction; its PH value is 7-8, and slightly alkaline. It covers the surface of the friction material to protect other materials and prevent their oxidation, especially making other materials not easy to fall off and enhancing the adhesion; in addition, molybdenum disulfide can also become a new material for making transistors. Compared with graphene, a two-dimensional material, molybdenum disulfide has a band gap of 1.8 eV, while graphene has no band gap. Therefore, molybdenum disulfide may have a vast application space in nanotransistors.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of molybdenum disulfide?
Thoroughly eliminated the oil leakage, clean and neat, significantly promoted the civilized production; Can save a lot of lubricating grease; Improve the operational technical condition, Extend the maintenance period, Reduce the labor intensity of the maintenance workers, Saving the labor force; Due to the low friction coefficient of molybdenum disulfide, Frictional resistance, Can save the power consumption, According to the measurement of brother units can save 12% of electricity; Can reduce the mechanical wear, To extend the service life of the friction equipment, Reduce the loss of equipment parts, Improve the equipment attendance rate; Application of molybdenum disulfide for lubrication, Can solve the technical keys, Improve work efficiency and work accuracy; Molybdenum disulfide has the effect of filling up, Can restore the geometric dimensions of some parts, increase of service life; Molybdenum disulfide has moisture resistance, waterproof, alkali prevention, Acid prevention and other characteristics; The molded parts of plastic or powder for smelting molybdenum disulfide, Can save a lot of non-ferrous metals; After some equipment with molybdenum disulfide, Can cancel the complex oil supply system, Greatly simplifies the equipment structure, Relatively atively improves the utilization of effective area, at the same time, It will also cause significant changes in equipment design; Molybdenum disulfide also has his drawbacks, Such as poor thermal conductivity, friction coefficient is not low enough, permeability is not strong (compared with dilute oil).
The price of Molybdenum Disulfide 
The different price of Molybdenum Disulfide purity is also different. The market price of Molybdenum Disulfide is in the process of dynamic change. If you need it, you can ask us at any time.
Molybdenum Disulfide supplier
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