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Lightweight foamed concrete with foam agent addition

What is Foaming agent?
Foam agent tremendously affects density, thermal conductivity, flexural and compressive strength. All of these properties rapidly decrease with the increase of foam agent addition from 0 to 5wt%, which is mainly attributed to the generation of high porosity in the sample matrix with foam agent addition. For lightweight foamed concrete, a decline in thermal conductivity and density benefits its application. The decrease in density tends to reduce the load of composite materials, and the decline of thermal conductivity can reduce heat loss and improve the efficiency of heat preservation and energy conservation. However, the density and thermal conductivity exhibit a slow upward tendency when adding foam agents, ranging from 5wt% to 7wt%.
Lightweight foamed concrete with foam agent addition
Lightweight foamed concrete with foam agent addition varied from 0 to 7wt% was fabricated, and the influence of foam stabilizer and polypropylene fiber (PPF) addition on the mechanical performance of lightweight foamed concrete was researched. The experimental data revealed that the density, thermal conductivity, flexural and compressive strength exhibited a rapidly downward trend with the increase of foam agent content due to the generation of many pores by the decomposition of the foam agent. Due to improved pore structure, the samples with foam stabilizer addition had better mechanical properties and lower thermal conductivity than those without foam stabilizer addition. Besides, an appropriate amount of PPF could enhance specimens' flexural and compressive strength, while excess PPF was counterproductive.

Lightweight foamed concrete has attracted much interest of researchers
Its many superior capabilities include outstanding sound insulation, lightweight, superior thermal insulation performance, and good fire resistance. Lightweight foamed concrete is usually prepared by introducing foaming agents such as hydrogen peroxide and plant surfactants into cement paste to form high pores and voids in the matrix. Because of high porosity, density, and thermal conductivity substantially decrease, which is beneficial to lightweight thermal insulation materials, while the mechanical properties such as flexural strength sharply decline, which harms its application to enhance mechanical properties; some measures can be taken, such as adding fibers. In addition, the pores are an essential part of foamed concrete, and it is very significant for foamed concrete to improve pore structure. The primary way to improve pore structure is to introduce foam stabilizers such as polyvinyl alcohol, calcium stearate, and polyethylene. In addition to pores, cementitious materials such as ordinary Portland cement (OPC) are another main component of foamed concrete. In recent years, it has become a trend to find a substitute for OPC due to the large amount of CO2 emission and energy consumption in the production process of OPC.

Price of Foaming agent
Foaming agent particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Foaming agent. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Foaming agent is on our company's official website.

Foaming agent supplier
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