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High quality nano silicon powder for new energy applications.

Silicon, as a semiconductor material, has an extremely rich storage capacity and is an indispensable industrial raw material for the development of information technology. The transformation ofsilicon materials to nano size gives its unique size effect and physical and chemical properties, with the rapid development of new energy and other industries, the demand for nano silicon powder is getting higher and higher, and the traditional nano silicon powder has been difficult to meet the needs of the market, the urgent need for nano, highly purified high-quality silicon powder. 
Current situation of production and preparation of nano silicon powder
The preparation methods of nano silicon powder mainly include mechanical ball milling, chemical vapour deposition and plasma evaporation condensation. The industrial production of nano silicon powder in Western countries started earlier, and there are specialized silicon powder product companies. Production technology is in the world's leading position. The development of nano silicon powder in China started late; the manufacturing level is relatively backward, usually using the mechanical ball milling method to synthesize nano silicon powder; a small number of colleges and research institutes can prepare nano silicon powder by chemical vapour deposition and plasma evaporation condensation method, but only at the experimental level, can not reach mass production.
Preparation method of nano silicon powder
1. Mechanical ball milling method
The mechanical ball milling method uses mechanical rotation and particle interaction to produce mechanical grinding pressure and shear force to grind the large silicon material into nanometer-size powder. It is easy to introduce impurities, the purity of the product is low, and the particles are irregular in shape; the particle size distribution can not be effectively controlled, and it does not meet the demand.
2. Chemical vapour deposition
Chemical vapour deposition (Cvapor deposition) is a technology for producing nano silicon powder with silane (SiH4) as the reaction material. According to the different energy sources that induce the pyrolysis of SiH4, fluidized bed (FBR), plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition and laser-induced chemical vapour deposition are the main industrial production technologies for the production of nano silicon powder. Chemical vapour deposition uses silane as raw material, flammable and explosive gas and is not conducive to transportation and storage, so the vapour-induced synthesis method has evolved. However, excessive Cl2 in the raw material will significantly reduce the nucleation rate of silicon, and the by-product HCl, which is not properly controlled, is easy to form flammable oligosilane, which also has security risks. Moreover, HCl is very serious for equipment corrosion.
3. The plasma evaporation condensation method
This method has been safe and efficient for manufacturing high-purity, ultra-fine, spherical and high-value-added powders in recent ten years. The reaction material is vaporized into gaseous atoms and molecules or partially ionized into ions by a plasma heat source and condensed into solid powder by rapid condensation technology. The local electron temperature (Te), ion temperature (Ti) and gas temperature (Tg) of the plasma are almost the same and can reach more than 10,000 K, which is very suitable for the preparation and synthesis of various metal nanoparticles as well as carbide and nitride nanoparticles. The nano silicon powder prepared by this method has the advantages of controllable particle size, high purity, safety, reliability and continuity, which is suitable for the current society's demand for high-quality nano silicon powder.
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