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What is Zinc Sulfide Powder?

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What is Zinc Sulfide Powder?
Zinc sulfide is an inorganic compound with the formula ZnS. Stable in dry air, long in wet air, or containing water, gradually oxidized to zinc sulfate. White or yellowish powder. It burns in H2S gas and transforms into crystals. The alpha variant is a colorless hexagonal crystal with a 3.98g/cm3 density and a melting point of 1700℃. The beta variant is a colorless cubic crystal with a 4.102g/cm3 density and is converted to alpha type at 1020℃. It is found in sphalerite. Insoluble in water, soluble in acid. It is usually produced by the interaction of hydrogen sulfide with a zinc salt solution. Suppose a trace amount of Cu Mn, Cu, or Ag is added to the ZnS crystal. In that case, ZnS acts as an activators, and different fluorescence colors can be emitted after illumination. Used as analytical reagents, coatings, paints, white and opaque glass, filling rubber, plastic, and for the preparation of phosphors.
The Usage of Zinc Sulfide Powder:
Zinc sulfide is an important luminescent material widely used in DC or AC field luminescence. The typical DC luminescent material is manganese and copper mixed with zinc sulfide, which has high luminosity and is used for display lighting and other occasions. Typical AC field luminescent materials include zinc sulfide mixed with copper and chlorine or copper and bromine. Powder materials, in particular, receive attention in display technology because they can be made into various areas, arbitrary shapes of flat light sources, and low power consumption. It has the advantages of small size, lightweight, and no radioactive damage. The efficiency of AC powder luminescent screen with copper and bromine is ten times higher than that of DC field luminescent film and five times higher than that of gallium phosphide luminescent material.
Zinc sulfide hot-pressing sintered block is an important infrared material widely used in infrared optical systems. For example, the zinc sulfide film used as the window material for the detector is used in the preparation process of the infrared detector for window anti-reflection, surface passivation, injection impurity isolation, and so on. Zinc sulfide is also widely used in pigment and soil inspection.
Application Direction of Zinc Sulfide:
Zinc Sulfide-based materials have received significant attention not only because of their outstanding physical properties, like band gap width, high refractive index, and high transmittance within the visible spectrum, as well as for their incredible potential for use in electronic, optical, and optoelectronic systems. Zinc has great electroluminescence properties and a fluorescence effect and has a unique photoelectric effect that exhibits several outstanding properties in the fields of magnetism, electricity, mechanics, optics, and catalysis. As a result, research into zinc sulfide is attracting greater interest. It is used to make white glass and pigment luminescent powder, rubber, material, luminescent paint color picture tube plasma crystals, luminescent substances such as pigment, plastic, fuel, rubber coating, coating anti-counterfeiting, and various other uses of phosphors.
Plastics and Rubber:

Low Abrasiveness: Zinc sulfide has lower Mohs hardness than TiO2. So, it can be used in all glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GRPs), which require good tensile strength and other mechanical properties. With lubricating properties, it can protect machines and molds

from abrasion.

Excellent Processing Performance: Zinc sulfide can be used as a lubricant to avoid the elastomer plastic becoming brittle. It also has good dispersion and high-temperature stability, which can promote the processing of high-performance plastics and improve the

production efficiency.

Excellent Optical Performance: Zinc sulfide is a unique white pigment that can be used with optical brighteners to make brighter whiteness. Unlike TiO2, it can also prevent metal ions from entering the polymer. Therefore, it can improve the weather

resistance of plastic.

High Thermal Conductivity: Zinc sulfide has high thermal conductivity when used in polyolefins, which can help protect polymers against thermal degradation, and it is suitable for plastics in LED.

Function of Zinc Sulfide:
This product is a kind of new-style nontoxic. Green non-pollution, than traditional lithopone albedo high, hiding power, fineness and high-temperature weather ability, strong characteristic...

Storage Condition:
This product must be sealed and kept in a dry, cool place and not come into contact with air for too long to prevent moisture accumulation, affecting the dispersion performance and use effect. According to general cargo transport, it should also avoid heavy pressure and not come into contact with oxidants.
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