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Scientists use phonons to precisely control magnetism, which is expected to promote the development of fields such as quantum and topological material

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Author : Jazmyn
Update time : 2024-01-29 14:18:35
Electron spin is closely related to the magnetism of materials. For example, magnetic disks, tapes, etc., use electron spin to store information. But when a magnetic structure loses its magnetism, where does the stored information go?

The process by which magnetic storage disappears has long been assumed to occur from electron transfer to atomic motion and then dissipation into the environment. However, there is no direct scientific evidence for the assumption that atomic motion carries magnetism and angular momentum.

If this assumption is correct, on the contrary, could atomic motion become a new means of regulating electrons?
Recently, a team from Rice University in the United States completely and quantitatively observed the magnetic field of phonons for the first time, and directly verified that the electron spin and phonon angular momentum have a completely reversible conversion relationship.

Researchers have developed a method to magnetize materials with phonons precisely. Specifically, chiral phonons align the spins of the paramagnetic rare earth halide cerium fluoride under the action of spin-phonon coupling. Moreover, the equivalent magnetic field strength of phonons can reach the order of 1 Tesla.

The reviewer commented on this study, "These results represent the first experimental verification of the huge magnetic effect of chiral phonons and have the potential to have a significant impact on the aspects of condensed matter physics, materials science, and nonlinear optics. Experiments and Models The results are all reliable, and the interpretations drawn from them are conclusive."

This research is expected to promote the fields of quantum and topological materials, magnetic and spin electronics and nonlinear optics, terahertz science, non-equilibrium many-body system simulations, molecular dynamics and future device applications.


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