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New Environmentally Friendly Material Calcium Stearate Emulsion

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Update time : 2019-10-30 11:21:56

The calcium stearate emulsion has the molecular formula Ca(C17H35COO)2, and the calcium stearate emulsion refers to the aqueous calcium stearate, also known as aqueous calcium stearate, calcium stearate dispersion liquid.


Calcium stearate emulsion is a stabilizer and lubricant for polychloroacetic acid. However, its stabilizing effect is weak, long-term heat stability is still excellent, and it can be used as a non-toxic food packaging, medical equipment, and other soft film containers. As a halogen absorber in polyethylene or polypropylene, it is possible to eliminate the adverse effect of the catalyst remaining in the resin on the color and stability of the adhesive. It can also be widely used as a lubricant for polyolefin fibers and moldings. It can also be used as a thermosetting plastic for phenolic and amino groups, as well as a lubricant and release agent for polyester-reinforced plastics, a thickener for greases, a waterproofing agent for textiles, and Paint Smooth, etc.


The calcium stearate emulsion produced by Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is developed by independent core technology and nano-composite technology. The particle size of calcium stearate after hydration reaches the micro-nano state, and the performance effects are better. The product performance is stable, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, in line with the state's requirements for environmentally friendly products. The use of the process completely avoids dust pollution, expands the scope of use of the product, and also reduces the production cost of the enterprise. The product is mainly used as papermaking, polyvinyl chloride, rubber and plastic lubricants, mold release agents, and heat stabilizers. The products have independent intellectual property rights, and their performances are leading the international level. They are foreign and domestic corporate brands.


Application field


1. Paper industry: As a lubricant for paper coating layer, it can improve the lubricity and hydrophobicity of the coating surface, improve the smoothness of the coating, make the paper smooth and smooth, and prevent cracking after drying.


2, water-based paint: the leading role is to reduce the interface tension, so that the smoothness and fluidity of the wet coating surface is improved, easy to spread on the paper ***, improve the coating suitability of the coating, and by giving The dry layer has certain plasticity and slip properties to enhance the surface of the sheet, to achieve better calendering adaptability, and to improve the finished product properties of the sheet by reducing or eliminating fuzzing and powder loss.


3, printing industry: supercalender and cutting, printing process, can prevent powder, hair loss, and thus can improve the appearance of paper and printing performance.


4, polyurethane release: can be used for RIM reaction injection molding, PU foam, and high resilience openings to improve the hardness of its film. It does not affect the surface color, adhesion, and paintability of the product.


5. Rubber industry: Plasticizers in rubber processing can soften natural rubber and all-made rubber, and have almost no effect on vulcanization.


6, metal processing: metal material cold extrusion, cold stamping, cold drawing forming processing lubrication. It is especially suitable for workpieces with a significant degree of an extension, high deformation rate, and complex curved surfaces.


7, soft product processing: also used in food packaging, medical equipment, and other non-toxic thin films and appliances. It can also be used as a halogen absorber for polyethylene and polypropylene to eliminate the adverse effects of residual catalyst on color and stability.


8, the plastics processing industry: can also be used as a thermal stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride and a variety of chemical processing lubricants, release agents.


9. Other industries: It is also used as a lubricant for polyolefin fibers and molding compounds, a thickener for greases, a waterproofing agent for textiles, a flatting agent for paints, and a plasticizer for making plastic records. Also used in pencil lead production and pharmaceuticals, spices, and other products.


Packaging and storage:


1, 50 kg or 200 kg plastic drum or ton drum.


2. Store in a cool, ventilated place to protect it from moisture, heat, and corrosion. Do not stack together with sour, cockroach, and corrosive items.


3. This product is non-combustible and non-corrosive and can be transported as general items.

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