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Nanotechnology Makes Our Life More Convenient, Smart and Healthy

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Update time : 2019-12-11 11:00:48
China International Nanotechnology Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Nabo Expo") is China's most authoritative and largest nanotechnology application industry international conference. Under the guidance of China Association for Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Naboa is hosted by the China Micron Nanotechnology Society and the China International Association for Science and Technology.

From 2010 to 2019, the Expo was successfully held for ten sessions. After ten years of development, the Expo has become China's most influential nanotechnology exchange event, and has been actively participated and recognized by the world's nanoparticles. Established multi-level strategic partnerships with industry events such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Iran, Israel and other nano powers, established a normalized exchange mechanism, and formed a solid cooperative alliance relationship with internationally renowned nano exhibitions, successfully establishing international China ’s nanotechnology product exhibition brand, becoming the nano conference representing China.

“ With its authority, professionalism, and internationalization, the China Nabo Expo attracts many exhibitors from all over the world every year. A hundred flowers bloom, a hundred contend, exhibitors show off black technology, and countless tall nanotechnology products compete in the exhibition and shining.” States Dr. Luo from Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

A "magic kitchen" product shows the infinite charm of the nanoworld. This product applies nano-imaging touch film to the interactive system, allowing you to play the piano while watching the recipe while cooking, and you can also surf the Internet.

The new technology of "nano-enhanced Raman spectroscopy" capable of "detecting trench oil in one minute" validates the power of nanotechnology in daily use. This technology enhances the electron adsorption capacity and enhances the substance's ability by adding nano-enhancers to the detection reagent. The degree of polymerization reflects the spectrum of the oil and then detects the quality of the oil, allowing the unqualified oil to "appear" quickly.

A seemingly ordinary glass kitchen counter, the food being cooked in the pan is steaming, but magically, the glass kitchen counter becomes a large touch screen with a light sliding of a finger. Recipes and movies are omnipotent. And such magic can be ubiquitous in home life in the future, coffee tables, mirrors, dining tables, and other furniture can be "transformed" into a stunning display at any time, and intimate human-computer interaction with the owner.

In terms of medical health, the application of nanotechnology in the field of pharmaceutical preparations can make the drug recognize the cells that need to be treated like growing eyes, and accurately deliver the drug into the carrier of the tumor cells, which can better fight cancer accurately. Cells will be eliminated in one fell swoop, and the diseases that plague humans will be cured.

With nano-photocatalyst technology, air purifiers developed and manufactured are used in homes, cars, refrigerators, and other spaces. By decomposing harmful objects in the air, most of the organics, pollutants, odors, bacteria, etc. are oxidized and decomposed into harmless carbon dioxide and water to purify the air.

The "secret weapon" behind these high-tech products is the widespread application of nanotechnology. These nano-black technology products that deeply penetrate our lives, now together with the Nabo Expo, gradually unveiled the mystery to people and began to enter the public vision. The development of nanotechnology has allowed more nano-black technology products to come to us, opening the door to our healthy life, and letting us see the beautiful scene of nano products applied to daily life, and seeing a healthy, convenient, intelligent, secure future.

“ Thanks to the state's support for the nano-industry, Luoyang Industrial Park's care and investment in the nano-industry, and the exhibition's propaganda fronts have brought people closer to real nano-products.” Says Dr. Luo, “More nano high-tech products met us unexpectedly with the help of such a first international exhibition stage of Nabo Expo. We can see many real nano high-tech products and a brand new nanoworld. The development of the nano-industry has been on the road. With the continued efforts of the Expo, the market environment of the nano-industry will become more and more clear, and it will eventually open a healthy and beautiful future.”

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