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Update time : 2019-08-02 16:14:35
Sustainable development of energy and environment is two important development strategies of human society in the world today. With the development of global economy, people's demand for energy is increasing, and the development of new energy is imperative. At the same time, nanotechnology as a new technology needs a good operating space. New energy field is very suitable for the introduction and development of many nanotechnology because of its large investment, rapid development, low start and low cost of reform.

One of the most promising applications is to improve the performance of solar cells. In the field of wind energy, although most of them remain in the laboratory stage, they still have very broad application prospects. In addition, there are many other new energy nano applications, such as hydrogen storage batteries, which are also of great value. Under the dual pressure of energy crisis and environmental problems. Solar energy, wind energy and other inexhaustible clean renewable energy sources have attracted the attention of researchers all over the world.

However, these goals cannot be achieved without major breakthroughs in science, especially in new materials. Among them, we have to talk about nanotechnology. Scientists have become more and more clear about the idea of new materials. They design new materials in nanometer units. In such a small size, new materials can have their own characteristics. These properties can provide ideal functions. Recently, a series of studies have shown that nanomaterials can be used as energy sources. The field has vast potential. Therefore, many nanotechnology applications in the field of new energy have come into being and put into operation.
Nanotechnology and Solar Energy
Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy in the world. One of the most promising ways to make efficient use of solar energy is solar cells. Solar cells have been invented for more than 200 years. However, the application of solar cells in the field of energy is still unable to compete with traditional energy. There are two main reasons that hinder the large-scale application of solar cells: relatively low photoelectric conversion efficiency and high manufacturing cost.
nanowire solar cells
In order to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells and reduce the cost of manufacturing solar cells, in recent years, researchers have focused on nanostructured solar cells. In order to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells, they rake traditional three-dimensional bulk materials into two-dimensional nanowire solar cells or even one-dimensional quantum dot solar cells.
Nanotechnology and Wind Energy
In today's China, wind power generation surpasses nuclear power, ranking third, after traditional thermal power and hydropower. The application prospect of wind energy is very broad. According to the survey, China's available wind energy is twice as much as electricity, which is very abundant. The development of wind power is only a start, and it still needs time and continuous technological innovation. So many researchers have begun to use the excellent properties of nanomaterials to improve wind power generation technology. And the results are very gratifying.
nanomaterials and other new energy sources
With the development of science and technology, nanotechnology is more and more used in new energy batteries. As new energy batteries using nanomaterials exhibit excellent performance different from ordinary batteries, more and more researchers begin to pay attention to the application of nanotechnology in the field of new energy batteries.

In terms of nuclear energy, MIT's Michael Timikowitz Botou has successfully developed a design model for nanocomposites. With this model, it is expected that nanocomposites will have completely new material properties that their constituents do not possess. This material can replace stainless steel to make the inner wall of the nuclear reactor to prolong the life of the nuclear reactor, and will make more efficient use of nuclear fuel to improve the efficiency of the reactor.

With the development of nano-materials, their properties are becoming more and more superior. At the same time, new energy is also growing vigorously, one day it will replace traditional energy and become the first pillar of future life. With the help of nanomaterials, new energy will surely develop better, faster and more vigorously. We believe that nanotechnology will shine brightly in the field of new energy in the end, and at the same time will make new energy more prospective.

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