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Main applications and market prospects of nano silver powder

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Author : Jazmyn
Update time : 2024-04-02 14:37:41

According to statistical reports, sales of nanosilver series products have doubled compared with the same period last year. While the results are gratifying, we also found that the excellent properties of nanosilver have not been fully utilized. Nanosilver has good electrical and thermal conductivity properties. Antibacterial properties, optical properties, and other special properties will also be widely developed and applied. At present, nanosilver has been widely used in fields such as catalytic materials, optical materials, biomedicine, new energy, and electronic devices.


1. Antibacterial applications

Inorganic antibacterial material nanometal silver is recognized as an ideal antibacterial material. Currently, it has many successes in antibacterial coatings, deodorization, and antibacterial film industries, such as coatings, medical fields, water purification systems, textiles, plastics, rubber, ceramics, and glass. This opens up a broader market for the antibacterial application of nanosilver.

Compared with traditional silver-based antibacterial agents, nanosilver produced through nanotechnology not only has a more significant antibacterial effect but is also safer and has longer-lasting effectiveness. As an antibacterial agent, nanosilver has a large specific surface area and small particle size, which makes it easier to come into contact with pathogenic microorganisms and can exert its maximum biological activity. The basis of most nanocomposite materials used in antibacterial food packaging is silver nanoparticles. It can be seen that its More powerful antibacterial activity. Researchers incorporated silver nanoparticles into nonwoven fabrics and tested their antibacterial properties. The results show that nonwoven fabrics that are not impregnated with nanosilver have no antibacterial properties. In contrast, nonwoven fabrics that are impregnated with 500 ppm nanosilver solution have excellent antibacterial properties. The polypropylene water filter with nanosilver coating has a good inhibitory effect on E. coli cells.


2. Applications in catalysis

Nanosilver has excellent catalytic activity and can be used as a catalyst for a variety of reactions. Researchers used photoreduction to deposit precious metals to prepare Ag/ZnO composite nanoparticles. Using the photocatalytic oxidation of gas-phase n-heptane as a model reaction, the photocatalytic activity of the sample and the influence of the amount of precious metal deposition on the catalyst activity were studied. The results show that depositing an appropriate amount of Ag in ZnO nanoparticles can greatly improve the photocatalytic activity.

Use nano silver particles as catalysts to reduce p-nitrobenzoic acid. Studies have shown that with the addition of nanosilver as a catalyst, the degree of reduction of p-nitrobenzoic acid is much greater than the reaction without the addition of nanosilver. Moreover, as the amount of nanosilver increases, the reaction speed becomes faster, and the reaction becomes more complete. Ethylene oxidation reaction catalyst, supported silver catalyst for fuel cells.

3. Applications in electrical conductivity

Nanosilver has good electrical conductivity, which is mainly reflected in the formation of a conductive film with excellent surface conditions on the nano-scale silver powder conductive tape, thus maintaining a low and stable resistance. Due to this excellent performance, nanosilver has a wide range of applications in the electronics industry.

A layer of nano-scale silver particles was coated on the surface of flake copper powder by chemical plating, and nanosilver-coated copper powder was successfully prepared. Research on its conductive properties showed that the addition of nanosilver not only improved the conductivity of copper powder but also overcame the shortcomings of copper powder being easily oxidized.

The nanosilver conductive slurry made of nanosilver particles through mechanical stirring and ultrasonic dispersion has good conductivity.


4. Applications in the field of optics

Silver nanoparticles can be used as a matrix to enhance Raman spectroscopy. Studies have shown that using an appropriate amount of silver nanoparticles with suitable electrical properties can obtain a relatively strong Raman spectrum (SERS), thereby expanding the research scope of SERS. In addition, due to the localized surface plasmon resonance scattering and absorption properties of silver nanoparticles, the strong light scattering signal generated by the interaction between iodine and silver nanoparticles will have potential application prospects in biochemical analysis and detection.

5. Applications in biomaterials

Because nanosilver has various superior properties, it has broad prospects in the field of biomaterials, especially in biosensors.
Researchers introduced silver-gold nanocomposite particles to study the immobilization technology of glucose oxidase (GOD) in glucose sensors. Experiments have shown that the addition of the particles increases the adsorption capacity and stability of the enzyme while improving its catalytic activity. The electrode's current response sensitivity is greatly improved.

Nanosilver's good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, antibacterial properties, optical properties, and other special properties make it more and more used in the biomedical field, optical field, catalysis field, and electronic device field. In the future, nanosilver will be combined with other metals The formed bimetallic nanomaterials will be a development direction of nanosilver.

It can be predicted that nanosilver will have a significant and far-reaching impact on human society's development and progress. The application of nanosilver in medicine, biology, environment, and other fields will have very broad development prospects.


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