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Humanity's most powerful rocket has completed three new breakthroughs! SpaceX: More Starships are ready(2)

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Author : Jazmyn
Update time : 2024-03-28 09:03:09

Boron powder has many advantages and properties as a rocket propulsion material.

The irregular shape and large specific surface area of boron powder greatly reduce its ignition temperature, thereby improving combustion efficiency. In solid rocket thrusters, boron powder serves as a high-energy fuel that can provide higher propulsion and better performance. In addition, boron powder can also be used as a booster for rocket engines to increase thrust and improve the range and speed of rockets.

The biggest and cheapest rocket

Through improvements one after another, the starship "grew" into the largest rocket in history.

The starship is composed of a superheavy booster (Super Heavy) at the bottom and a spacecraft on the upper part. Its overall height is 121 meters, its diameter is about 9 meters, and its weight reaches 5 million kilograms. It is currently the largest rocket in the world.

From the comparison chart provided by the BBC, we can see that several rockets are big names in the history of aerospace. From left to right, they include the space shuttle that can carry a crew of people to and from space; SpaceX's own heavy-duty Falcon rocket; the SLS superheavy rocket that is now participating in the new round of U.S. moon landing plans; and the only one that has carried people so far. The Saturn V rocket for the moon landing mission.

Starships are not just big enough to hold them down, they also have cross-generational pursuits in terms of performance and cost, and they look like they are going to write a new space history.

Recalling NASA's high-profile return to the moon plan last year, NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) is known as "the most powerful rocket on the surface." However, compared with Starship, SLS is slightly inferior in size and performance.


To minimize the cost of long-term use, the starship is designed using stainless steel, which is low-cost, easy to process, and repair. The adjustable vector engine allows the engine to be fired and reused multiple times, thereby reducing losses during the launch process. Musk has claimed that the flight cost of Starship is much lower than that of most rockets. The cost of a single launch will be reduced to US$2 million in the future, and the launch cost per kilogram of payload may be reduced to US$10.

Among the many measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the most important is the reusability of the rocket. After completing the launch mission, the rocket can return to Earth and achieve a vertical landing to prepare for the next launch mission. Today, this technical route has become the direction of global aerospace companies ' efforts. Facing the future, Starship can also perform a variety of missions, including transporting astronauts and cargo to Earth orbit, the moon, Mars and other destinations, making it a multi-functional rocket for future space exploration.

Along the way, the challenges Starship faces are exactly what makes it so valuable. Once SpaceX achieves rapid and fully reusable space flight, it will greatly reduce the cost of space exploration and complete a far-reaching change.


NASA awarded SpaceX a contract to develop a manned lunar landing spacecraft. This is a rendering. Source: SpaceX

First, go to the moon, then go to Mars.

Regarding the successful launch and subsequent actual use of the starship, another level of expectation is that the starship will carry out manned lunar landing missions in a new round of lunar landing plans. NASA has awarded SpaceX a multi-billion dollar contract to develop a Starship version of the operated lunar landing system. As part of the contract, SpaceX is required to conduct an uncrewed test flight to the moon first.

For NASA, the success of the Starship as a lander is crucial. If it cannot be put into use in time, the entire moon landing plan will be affected. Before that, Musk must prove to NASA the performance and reliability of the starship. Some analysts believe that the starship needs to successfully fly at least 30 to 40 times before carrying out the moon landing mission.

After the Starship successfully lands on the moon, Musk will set his sights on its ultimate goal.

Almost since SpaceX's founding, Musk has emphasized the importance of making humans a multi-planetary species. One of the ultimate goals of the Starship mission is to establish a human colony on Mars.

According to Musk's plan, 1 million people will land on Mars by 2050, which means that the Starship will need to fly about three times a day. A total of 1,000 missions per year requires SpaceX to produce rockets on an unprecedented scale, so simplicity in the production process becomes crucial, which is reflected by using stainless steel, which can be seen everywhere, as a production material.


In order to achieve the goal of large-scale Mars and back, Musk plans to install about 40 cabins in the payload area at the front of the space capsule; each cabin can accommodate 2-3 people to achieve his previous promise of sending 100 people at a time. Visions of going into space. The payload bay will also house common areas, storage space, a kitchen, and shelter from harmful charged particles released by solar storms.

Starship is such a system that represents the "pinnacle of space exploration" and aims to create a fully functional, reusable launch and landing system capable of traveling to the moon, Mars, and other destinations. It was born in this era, but it is beyond this era.


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