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Why are metal powders widely used?

What is metal powder?
Metal powder materials are less than 1mm, and more than 1mm is not conducive to the subsequent laying, sintering, solidification, etc. Metal powder is generally in a loose shape. The performance of the powder itself can reflect the properties of the metal and the particle state. If the proportion of the metal composition in the metal powder is relatively high, then the quality of such a powder is also better. The particle size of the metal powder can also be controlled, but the smaller the particle size, the more time it takes to polish.
Main uses of metal powder
Direct application of metal powder is widely used. Iron powder for welding rod and flame cutting process; Ni-Cr-B-Si, Fe-Cr-B-Si, Co- -Cr-W for spraying, spray welding, and nickel-coated aluminum or aluminum oxide, nickel or cobalt-coated tungsten carbide. To strengthen the wear resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance on the surface of the workpiece, ultrafine aluminum powder for solid rocket fuel; nickel, iron, and cobalt powder for the catalyst. Magnetic powder for clutch, tape, and copier, such as alloy powder, iron-based powder for explosives, fireworks, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, aluminum and magnesium alloy, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, copper powder for surface coloring, decoration, paint; steel powder, aluminum and bronze pellets for surface processing; iron powder and copper powder for electrochemical metal deposition.
Preparation method of the metal powder
Reduction method: using the reducing agent to seize the oxygen in the metal oxide powder, And so that the metal is reduced to a powder; Aerozation method: the atomization of molten metal into fine droplets, Condense into a powder in the cooling medium; Electrolysis method: in the metal salt solution to direct current, metal ions in the discharge of the cathode, Forming a deposition layer that is easily broken into a powder; Mechanical crushing method: mainly through crushing, crushing and grinding and other functions of the solid metal broken into powder; Base method: the synthesis of some metals (iron, nickel, etc.) and carbon monoxide into metal-based compounds, Reheat decomposition into metal powders and carbon monoxide; Direct legalization: carbon, nitrogen, boron, silicon directly and refractory metals at high temperature. Fine powder and ultrafine, less than 10 μ m, have a special position in manufacturing materials (such as diffusion-reinforced alloy, ultra-porous metals, magnetic ink, etc.) due to their uniform composition, small grains, and large activity. In addition to the base and electrolysis methods, the vacuum evaporation and condensation methods, arc spray, co-precipitation compound salt decomposition, and gas phase reduction are also applied. Covering powder is increasingly excellent in special applications such as thermal spraying and atomic energy engineering materials. Two kinds of chemical pulverizing methods for vapor and liquid deposition, such as thermal dissociation of hydrogen reduction, high-pressure hydrogen reduction, displacement, and electrodeposition, can produce various coated powders by mixing metal and metal, metal and nonmetal.
Price of metal powder
The different price of metal powder purity is also different. The market price of metal powder is in the process of dynamic change. The metal powder price can be found on our company's official website. If you need it, you can ask us at any time. 
Metal powder supplier
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