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What is Wurtzite boron nitride?

What is Wurtzite boron nitride?
WBN is produced by transforming hexagonal boron nitride (hBN), the most stable crystal form of boron nitride. “The other phases [hBN, cBN] coexist in the transformed samples during the thermal and pressurized treatment or fabrication of sintered compacts, and the resultant values cannot represent those of pure wBN,” the open-access researchers explain. Although wBN did not beat diamonds in hardness, the researchers did find wBN beats diamonds in a different area. “The material [wBN] exhibits a high thermal stability with an onset oxidation temperature at 920°C in the air that is much higher than diamond,” they write. On the other hand, “it is lower than that of pure cBN compact (~1,140°C).”

W-BN crystals can be quenchable
An important fact so far argued is that w-BN crystals can be quenchable after being transformed from h-BN, while diamond is transformed back into graphite. This study determined the uniqueness of w-BN's defect network mechanism for stabilizing metastable forms. The 3D networks of planar defects are considered a typical feature of the boron and nitride binary system. In the case of the h-diamond of the carbon monoatomic system, the defect network's mechanism may be different, and then back transformation could easily take place. This feature could inspire future work on stabilizing h-diamond by doping some elements, such as boron and nitrogen, for stabilizing the defect network found in w-BN. Third, since w-BN has many advantages compared with the widely used electronic materials GaN and AlN, the fabrication of millimeter-sized w-BN bulk crystals will encourage the efforts to develop high-performance electronic devices superior to those based on GaN and AlN.

Revealing the stabilization mechanism of w-BN
In addition, revealing the stabilization mechanism of w-BN must also contribute potentially to geoscience. Since boron is dominantly distributed at Earth's surface rather than the primitive mantle, boron-containing minerals are ideal tracers for understanding the recycling of crustal material back to the Earth's mantle. Natural c-BN (i.e., qingsongite) is the first reported boron mineral from the Earth's mantle, which has been thought not to form naturally on Earth for a long time. The discovery. Thermal stability of w-BN with and without the ISF by ab initio MD simulations (due to lack of B–N potentials applicable for both sp3 -bonded w-BN and sp2 -bonded h-BN, it is challenging to mimic the w-BN to h-BN phase transformation by classical MD simulations).

Price of Wurtzite boron nitride
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