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What is the use of potassium silicate in concrete

What is Potassium silicate?
Potassium silicate fertilizer grades were successfully produced by direct fusion of Silica (SiO2) and potassium in furnaces at temperatures up to the melting point of the mixture. The geothermal sludge and the pyrophyllite were silica sources. The weight ratio of silicon dioxide/potassium solid is 1:1 to 5:1. Silica from geothermal sludge is amorphous, whereas pyrophyllite is a crystalline phase. The potassium required is quite small. The potassium silicate prepared from pyrophyllite produced a higher molar ratio and a fusion temperature of about 1350 °C. So, potassium needed to be great enough to meet the required molar ratio for the fertilizer grade.

What is the use of potassium silicate in concrete?
These silicates are used as floor hardeners and polishers in industrial sheds, corporate buildings, warehouses, etc., to reduce dust formation and increase the durability of the surface. Flammability: This material is non-combustible. Incompatibility: Acids, Ammonium salts. Flammable hydrogen gas may be produced in prolonged contact with metals such as aluminum. Personal Protective Equipment: Wear chemical goggles. Potassium or sodium water glasses are generally produced on an industrial scale by melting together quartz sand and sodium/potassium carbonate in suitable furnaces at temperatures of 1400° to 1500° C with the splitting-off of carbon dioxide. However, this high-temperature melt process is very costly in terms of equipment and the energy required. It leads to inconsiderable emissions, such as dust, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides (US 5238668 A). The alkali extraction and acid precipitation method, a low-energy method, has also been successfully used to produce a silicate solution (Muljani et al., 2014). However, this method is less precise when a solid silicate product is desired. The hydrothermal reaction of quartz sand with aqueous potassium hydroxide obtained potassium silicate solutions that have SiO2: K2 O molar ratios of less than 2.75:1. However, in this case, the hydrothermal reaction must go through a two-stage process: stage quartz reaction ues KOH solution at a temperature of 300 C and quartz reaction stage at a temperature up to a melting point (over 1100 °C).

Potassium silicate provides an excellent source
Potassium silicate provides a source of soluble silicon for plants and supplemental potassium, a plant macronutrient (Jayawardana et al., 2014). Potassium silicate is used to strengthen plant resistance to pathogens and to enhance agricultural productivity. Here a potassium silicate is proposed that can be adapted by adjusting the physicochemical properties as requested by the formulation of fertilizers. The potassium silicate is available in liquid and powder form with high solubility to easily produce liquid fertilizers. Yao et al. (2014) synthesized a potassium-calcium silicate mixture by fusing a mixture of K2CO3, CaCO3, and SiO2. Produced from steel-making slag, fertilizer potassium silicate compounds have received great attention as slow-release potassium fertilizers beneficial for crops.

Price of Potassium silicate
Potassium silicate particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Potassium silicate. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Potassium silicate is on our company's official website.

Potassium silicate supplier
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