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What is the role of redispersible emulsion powder?

What is Redispersible Polymer powdr?
Redispersible emulsion powder is a modified emulsion powder obtained by spray drying a binary or ternary copolymer of vinyl acetate and vinyl tert-carbonate -VeoVa or ethylene or acrylate. It has good dispersibility, redisperses into emulsion when it comes to contacts with water, and its chemical properties are completely the same as those of the initial emulsion.
Applications of Redispersible Polymer powder
It is mainly used for making self-leveling mortar and floor materials, external thermal insulation bonding mortar, dry powder interface agent, tile adhesive, external thermal insulation plastering mortar, external flexible putty, tile jointing agent, and low water absorption mortar.
Product performance of Redispersible Polymer powder
Redispersible latex powder is made of polymer emulsion by spray drying. After mixing with water in mortar, it will be emulsified and dispersed in water to form a stable polymer emulsion again. After re-dispersible latex powder is dispersed in water, the water will evaporate, and a polymer film will be formed in the dried mortar, which will improve various properties of the mortar. Different re-dispersible latex powders have different effects on dry mortar.
1.Improve the impact resistance, durability, and wear resistance of mortar. Rubber powder particles fill the cavity of mortar, and the compactness of mortar increases, thus improving the wear resistance. Under the action of external force, it will relax without being damaged. The polymer film can exist in mortar systems for a long time.
2.Improve the workability of mortar construction. There is a lubricating effect among polymer rubber powder particles, so that mortar component can flow independently. At the same time, rubber powder has an induction effect on air, giving mortar compressibility and improving the workability of mortar construction.
3.Improve the adhesive strength and cohesion of mortar. After the re-dispersible latex powder as an organic binder is formed into a film, it can form high tensile strength and adhesive strength on different substrates. It plays an important role in the adhesion between mortar and organic materials (molded plates, extruded plates) and smooth surface substrates. The film-formed polymer rubber powder is distributed in the whole mortar system as a reinforcing material to increase the cohesion of the mortar.
4.Improve the weather resistance, frost resistance, and frost resistance of mortar, and prevent the mortar from cracking. Redispersible latex powder belongs to thermoplastic resin rubber powder, which has good flexibility and can make the mortar respond to the changes of external hot and cold environments, effectively preventing the mortar from cracking due to the change of temperature difference.
5.Improve the hydrophobicity of mortar and reduce the water absorption rate. Redispersible latex powder forms a film on the mortar cavity and surface, and the polymer resin film will not disperse twice after meeting water, thus preventing the invasion of water and improving impermeability. Enhanced dispersible rubber powder with a hydrophobic effect has a better hydrophobic effect.
6.Improve the bending strength and flexural strength of mortar. The polymer film formed by re-dispersible latex powder has good flexibility. The film is formed on the gap and surface of cement mortar particles to form the flexible connection. And the brittle cement mortar becomes elastic. The mortar with re-dispersible latex powder is much better than ordinary mortar in tensile and flexural properties.
Price of Redispersible Polymer powder
Redispersible Polymer particle size and purity will affect the product's price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Redispersible Polymer powder. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The price of Redispersible Polymer powder can be found on our company's official website.
Redispersible Polymer powder supplier
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