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What is the production process of aluminum nitride powder?

What are the characteristics and applications of aluminum nitride powder
Aluminum nitride (AlN) has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, good insulation, low dielectric constant, and dielectric loss, thermal expansion coefficient matching silicon, good chemical stability, and non-toxicity. It is used in semiconductors, It has been widely used in fields such as electric vacuum, and it is also a key material for electronic components used in automotive electronics, aerospace, and military defense. AlN substrate is the key carrier of high-speed rail transit and new energy vehicle IGBT modules, which can effectively provide insulation capacity and overall heat dissipation flow for the modules. At present, the global AlN application market is in a period of rapid growth. According to the data released by the Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Power Device Association, and the Automobile Industry Association, the global AlN market size exceeds 100 billion yuan.
High-quality aluminum nitride powder raw materials are a prerequisite for obtaining high-performance AlN ceramics. To prepare AlN ceramics with high thermal conductivity, it is first necessary to prepare AlN powders with high purity, fine particle size, good dispersion, and excellent sinterability, and these factors depend on the initial Purity of raw materials, synthesis method, and reaction conditions. How to increase the AlN conversion rate, reduce powder impurity content and reaction energy consumption, shorten process flow, and save cost are the most concerned issues in the powder-making process.
What is the production process of aluminum nitride powder
Both the industrial direct nitriding method and the carbothermal reduction method can be used to prepare nano-AlN powder, but both have their shortcomings. The AlN powder prepared by the direct nitriding method is easy to agglomerate, and the conversion rate is low. The conversion rate of AlN powder prepared by the direct nitriding method is only 80%. The carbothermal reduction method requires nano-scale precursors, but nano-powders are easy to agglomerate. How to mix Al2O3 and carbon uniformly is the key issue. In addition, there are many physical and chemical methods suitable for the synthesis of nano-AlN powders.
The wet chemical method refers to the method of preparing materials through chemical reactions with the participation of the liquid phase[49]. This method selects one or several required soluble metal salts or oxides and prepares a solution according to the composition of the prepared materials so that each element is in an ion or molecular state, which can realize the mixing of raw materials at the molecular level and solve the problem of raw material mixing. uniformity problem. Sol-gel method, solution combustion synthesis method, the complex decomposition method
The chemical vapor phase synthesis method usually selects low-melting point, volatile aluminum-containing compounds, and enters the high-temperature reaction chamber for nitriding under the drive of nitrogen or ammonia. AlN nucleates in the gas phase and deposits in the particle recovery container. The process window of this method is wide, and AlN particles of a few nanometers to tens of nanometers can be obtained, and the crystallinity of the AlN product is only related to the ratio of the number of surface atoms to the total number of atoms.
The high-energy physics-assisted method uses high energy generated by plasma, explosion, etc. to break and disperse AlN particles to prepare nano-scale AlN powder.
The mechanochemical method is to dissolve the nitrogen element in the raw material into the metal aluminum lattice by ball milling to form AlN powder. The nitrogen source can be nitrogen, but its activity is low, and long-term ball milling is required, so it is usually used React with highly reactive gaseous substances such as ammonia.
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