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What is potassium silicate that can be used to make glass fire?

What is potassium silicate?
Potassium silicate is also known as potassium metasilicate. It is divided into three kinds: ①K2SiO3=154.29, colorless crystal, often turquoise block or glassy solid. The melting point of 976℃. Dissolved in water, hot water, or pressure is easier to dissolve; the aqueous solution is alkaline and insoluble in ethanol. The acid decomposes the silicic acid gel. Absorb water in air.②K2Si2O5=214.37, a colorless orthorhombic crystal. Relative density is 2.456 (25 / 4℃), with a melting point of 1015 ± 10℃.③K2Si4O9 · H2O=352.56, white orthorhombic crystal. Relative density 2.417 and resolved when heating to 400℃. Dissoluble in water and insoluble in ethanol. Potassium silicate is made of potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide, completed with quartz sand at high temperatures. Potassium silicate is hygroscopic and has a strong alkaline reaction. Potassium silicate is easy to decompose and precipitate silica in an acidic environment. Potassium silicate is usually used to manufacture electric electrodes, electrodes for welding, reducing dyes, fire retardants, fluorescent screen coating layers, and soap fillers. Therefore, potassium silicate has a wide range of uses. The types of elements contained in potassium silicate are close to those of potassium feldspar, so studying how to prepare potassium silicate decomposition is of great significance.
Main uses of potassium silicate
Potassium silicate is usually used to manufacture electrodes for welding, reducing dyes, and fire retardants. Also used as a fluorescent screen coating layer and soap filler. In the steady state, the hyaline liquid is viscous and bluish-green. Easy soluble in water and acid, and precipitate colloidal silicic acid, the higher the potassium content, the more soluble. Insoluble in alcohol. It can also produce soap, medicine, and refractory materials. Potassium silicate glass can be prepared with high purity and uniformity, a simple preparation method, and low requirements for production equipment; a high modular potassium silicate inorganic nano resin, which not only improves product quality and storage stability but also shortens reaction time and reduces energy consumption; a potassium silicate-based nanocomposite emulsion with good film formation and strong adhesion; a potassium silicate reinforcement material with water resistance, water resistance, CO2 resistance, climate resistance, UV resistance, and thermal stability, easy to use and low cost, and the reinforcement agent is colorless and transparent.
Price of potassium silicate
The different price of potassium silicate purity is also different. The market price of potassium silicate is in the process of dynamic change. The price of potassium silicate can be found on our company's official website. If you need it, you can ask us at any time.
Potassium silicate suppliers
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