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What are the functions of Potassium Silicate?

What is Potassium Silicate?
Potassium silicate is colourless or yellowish translucent to transparent glass. It is hygroscopic. There is a strong alkaline reaction. Decompose in acid to precipitate silica. Slowly soluble in cold water or hardly soluble in water (depending on its composition), insoluble in ethanol. Potassium silicate is usually used to make welding electrodes, welding electrodes, vat dyes and fire retardants. It is also used as a fluorescent screen coating layer and soap filler. In the stable state, it is a transparent viscous liquid, which is blue-green. Soluble in water and acid and precipitated colloidal silicic acid. The higher the potassium content, the more soluble it is. Insoluble in alcohol.
Main applications of Potassium Silicate
Potassium silicate has high mechanical strength, high adhesion, low porosity, good permeability resistance, good acid resistance and good heat resistance. It shows good corrosion resistance in alkaline medium, fluorine-containing medium and neutral salt solution. Generally used as a protective coating (crystallization on the salt surface), catalyst, adhesive, cleaner, glass production, etc. Coating potassium silicate on the outside of an electric welding rod can effectively prevent sputtering. It can also be used in vat dyes, flame retardants, welding electrode adhesives, inorganic coating adhesives, soaps, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Preparation method of potassium silicate
1.Melting method (i.e. dry method).
Adding silica sand and caustic potash in a certain proportion into a melting furnace, heating to 1200-1400with heavy oil or electric heating, and when the completely melted transparent body is formed, putting it into an autoclave after it is formed, and dissolving it with pressurized steam of 0.2 MPa. Let the solution stand for clarification, remove impurities, and concentrate on obtaining the finished potassium silicate.
2. Preparation of potassium silicate from potassium feldspar.
Fully mixing potassium feldspar, ammonium fluoride and 98% sulfuric acid according to a certain proportion, and reacting at 190-250under autogenous pressure to obtain decomposition residue of potassium feldspar and decomposition gas containing SiF4; The decomposition gas containing SiF4 is subjected to dust removal treatment, and then the ethanol aqueous solution is used for adsorption to generate fluosilicic acid and silica precipitate; Dilute sulfuric acid solution is used to leach the decomposition residue of potassium feldspar to obtain leaching solution; Adsorbing the leaching solution to obtain potassium sulfate solution, adding the fluosilicic acid solution obtained above, finally generating potassium fluosilicate precipitate, aging, filtering and washing by a filter press to obtain potassium fluosilicate; Adding hot potassium hydroxide solution to the solution to generate potassium silicate solution containing potassium fluoride crystals, and finally purifying, separating and concentrating to obtain potassium silicate solid.
Price of Potassium Silicate
Potassium Silicate particle size and purity will affect the product's price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Potassium Silicate. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The price of Potassium Silicate can be found on our company's official website.
Potassium Silicate supplier
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