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What are the characteristics of potassium silicate?

What is Potassium silicate powder?
Potassium silicate powder has good permeability and absorbability; at the same time, it can keep the natural appearance of the substrate, react with carbon dioxide or other acidic compounds in the air, and form an insoluble net waterproof breathable film on the surface of the substrate. At the same time, potassium silicate powder has the advantages of good anti-seepage, moisture-proof, rust-proof and anti-ageing, so it can avoid water from being sucked into the substrate, reduce the occurrence of shedding, and thus enhance the service life of the substrate.
Characteristics of Potassium silicate powder
1. Potassium silicate has good stability. Whether it is stored at room temperature or high temperature, it can guarantee its good use characteristics. Therefore, the amount of potassium silicate needed to be added to inorganic coatings is very small.
2. After hot storage, potassium silicate has little effect on scrubbing resistance. Even if it is used in long-term storage or in an environment with changeable temperature, it can ensure its good scrubbing resistance.
3. As the water quality varies from place to place, the mineral elements contained in the water are also different, and the inorganic potassium silicate mineral coating itself is sensitive to some mineral elements in the water, so adding silicate into the inorganic coating can effectively reduce the sensitivity of the inorganic coating and ensure its performance.
Use of potassium silicate
Potassium silicate is usually used to make welding electrodes, welding electrodes, vat dyes and fire retardants. It is also used as a fluorescent screen coating layer and soap filler.
Preparation method of potassium silicate powder
A certain proportion of silica sand and potassium hydroxide react in a melting furnace at 1200 ~ 1400 C. When a completely molten transparent body is formed, it is discharged, cooled and solidified, and then put into an autoclave and dissolved by pressurized steam. After the solution is settled for clarification and impurities are removed, the clarified solution is concentrated to obtain the finished product of potassium silicate.
Price of Potassium silicate powder
Potassium silicate powder particle size and purity will affect the product's price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Potassium silicate powder. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The price of Potassium silicate powder can be found on our company's official website.
Potassium silicate powder supplier
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