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What are the characteristics of metal powders that can be used for 3D printing

Nowadays, we are no strangers to 3D printing, which is the most cutting-edge and most potential metal powder 3D printing, 3D printing metal powder materials including stainless steel, die steel, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, and bronze alloy.

The shape of metal powder:
In the production process of 3D printing metal powder, particles of different shapes will be produced due to different needs and different production methods, such as spherical, oval, porous sponge shape, tree shape, and other types; the fluidity and looseness of the powder shape are different, which will have different effects on the printing of the product.
In normal conditions, particles have good fluidity when the powder is oval or spherical. This implies that the distribution system utilized to supply the printer's portion of the 3D printer will not be restricted because of a lack of circulation during printing. And easy to lay in a thin layer. So that the 3D printing out of the object can have higher accuracy, all parts will be more uniform; for the current technology, spherical is undoubtedly a better choice, but the spherical powder, due to the more significant gap, so the printed product quality is not as good as other shapes of powder if you want to make the quality better then you need to make the diameter of the powder smaller.
The size of the Metal Powder:
Under normal circumstances, it is better to have a smaller diameter of 3D printed metal powder because if the diameter of the powder is small, the better sintering is at the time of sintering, and the driving force for sintering is also improved. In addition, the size and less space are left when stacked up, meaning the product is guaranteed quality and strength. However, the diameter of the powder is not the smaller, the better because if the diameter of the powder is too fine, it may cause spheroidization during sintering, which will make the powder spread appear uneven, thus affecting the accuracy of the printing.
Purity of metal powder:
In addition, oxygen and nitrogen content also need to be strictly controlled. Presently, the powder preparation technology used for 3D printing with metal is primarily dependent on the atomization technique; powder has a large specific surface area and easy oxidation; in aerospace and other special applications, customers have more stringent requirements for this index; The titanium alloy's oxygen content is 0.15 percent the high oxygen level of stainless steel's powders, 0.08 percent.
Metal powder size distribution:
The selection of metal powder particle size for 3D printing is mainly divided according to the metal printer with different energy sources; the printer with laser as the energy source because of its fine focusing spot, more accessible to melt fine powder, suitable for the use of 15-53μm powder as a consumable, powder supply method is layer by layer powder; Electron beam as the energy source of the powder printer, the focus spot is slightly coarse, more suitable for melting coarse powder, suitable for the use of 53-105μm of coarse powder; For coaxial powder delivery printers, powder with a particle size of 105-150μm can be used as consumables.
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