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Ti6Al4V alloy powder should be within the chemistry limits of international standards

What is Ti6Al4V?
Ti6Al4V powder recycled from turnings via the HDH method has a mostly irregular morphology, as shown in this study. In spray-based deposition processes, like the cold spray method, irregular powders favor higher particle velocities than spherical ones because of their higher drag force. In this respect, irregular powder particle morphology has some advantages on the final product of the cold-spray method. In contrast, spherical particle morphology is more desirable than irregular ones for 3D printing in terms of the flowability requirements of the process. Flowability is mostly related to the particle shape of the powder. Irregular shapes generally have lower flowability as compared to spherical ones. Although the smaller-sized particles would have an acceptable flowability range, decreasing the particle size under the critical level could affect the productivity of the dehydrogenation process. Apart from there is no special requirement of flowability for the cold spray process, the mean particle size and the oxygen and nitrogen contents of the powder are more important factors for good coating properties and deposition efficiency.
Ti6Al4V alloy powder should be within the chemistry limits of international standards
Ti6Al4V alloy powder should be within the chemistry limits of international standards and correspond to the industrial specification, which includes medical, aerospace, and defense applications. One of the important parameters to be considered to reduce the oxygen content is the vacuum level applied during the hydrogenation stage. Oxidation of very fine hydrate particles during milling can also be a source of oxygen due to the very high surface area. Therefore, it is suggested that adjusting the vacuum level and processing time of the dehydrogenation stage could also provide a solution for reducing the oxygen level of the recycled powder, which the process needs during dehydrogenation.

Deposition characteristic of the recycled powder have been analysed by using the low-pressure cold spray method of Ti6Al4V alloy powder
Using helium as a process gas generated a deposit with relatively high porosity content. It is possible to improve the quality using high-pressure cold spray systems generating higher velocities than low-pressure cold spray systems. Moreover, reducing the hydrogen and oxygen content of the recycled powder, which imposes brittleness, would lead to the generation of denser deposits even by utilizing air as the process gas (without adding Al powder). Irregular morphology of the recycled powder also affected the deposition capacity. Although these powders can reach higher velocity than spherical ones, having a dense coating is impossible because of the irregularity. In summary, the coating trials gave promising results about the usability of the Ti6Al4V powder recycled from scrap via the HDH process. However, some adjustments are necessary to increase the success of this powder in additive manufacturing processes.

Price of Ti6Al4V
Ti6Al4V particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Ti6Al4V. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Ti6Al4V is on our company's official website.

Ti6Al4V supplier
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