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By Dr.Li | 20 August 2020 | 0 Comments

The Use of MoDTC can Improve Fuel Economy

The Need for MoDTC to Improve Fuel Economy

Efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve fuel economy are a major issue in automobile manufacturing. As we all know, low-friction engine oil can improve this problem. The combination of low viscosity engine oil and effective anti-friction technology is the key to improving fuel economy. MoDTC is one of the most effective friction improving components in improving boundary lubrication. The driving test and power test results show that MoDTC can increase the maximum friction reduction performance by more than 10% and fuel economy by 1% in terms of improving fuel economy.

MoDTC is a Representative of Friction Modifiers

In recent years, more and more stringent fuel economy standards have been implemented around the world, and improving fuel economy is one of the biggest problems for today's automakers. The use of low-friction lubricants is considered to be an effective way to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles, and in early studies, more than 1% improvement in fuel economy has been achieved by using engine oil specifically designed to reduce the friction coefficient and reduce energy loss . These engine oils consist of low viscosity and high viscosity index base oils and molybdenum-based friction modifiers (FM). MoDTC is a representative of these friction modifiers.

Experiments and Results of MoDTC on Engines

Miniaturized turbocharging technology is one of the most important technologies to improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles, but this technology makes the development of lubricants face new challenges. The abnormal combustion that occurs under the high torque and low speed of a high-charge DI engine is called low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). In severe cases, it may cause engine damage. It is currently a difficult problem to improve fuel economy and has become a search An obstacle to further improving fuel economy. At present, many research reports on LSPI indicate that lubricants containing MoDTC components have some positive effects on reducing the frequency of LSPI. According to the friction test of GF-5 engine oil, the experimental results show that the engine oil containing MoDTC is observed under a wide range of contact pressure, and it has the performance of significantly reducing the friction number. Therefore, MoDTC has significant potential to improve fuel economy.

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