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The incorporation of POTASSIUM SILICATE

What is Potassium silicate?
An effect of the reduced disease severity in plants treated with POTASSIUM SILICATE, regardless of its application method, was the leaf senescence delay in the plant's lower and middle portions. By contrast, in plants that received the control treatment, the higher r values resulted in severity values close to 100% in these leaves, resulting in premature death. In these plants, at around 60 days after emergence, only the upper part of the plant maintained green leaves, with more than 40% and 65% of the leaf area affected by powdery mildew in the first and second trials, respectively. Premature leaf senescence would reflect negatively on the production since previous studies have shown a direct correlation between the number of leaves contributing to photosynthesis and fruit quality and productivity. The results of this study show the potential of Si to affect epidemic components and reduce powdery mildew severity in melon. The reduction in disease severity as a result of root applications of POTASSIUM SILICATE was similar in magnitude to that observed in cucumber and strawberry plants infected with powdery mildew and supplied with Si.

The incorporation of POTASSIUM SILICATE
Thus, incorporating POTASSIUM SILICATE in an integrated management program should bring positive results, both in reducing disease intensity and, consequently, the number of fungicides used. Regarding the form of Si application, root application could be recommended for field and protected melon croPotassium silicate. In contrast, foliar could be recommended in the latter case because of its deposition on the leaf surface. However, it could also be adopted in croPotassium silicate grown in the dry season with drip irrigation, as is the case in the northeastern growing region of Brazil. However, the reduction in disease severity observed in the present study was not as profound as that reported for wheat, in which Si applications accounted for a reduction of nearly 90% in disease severity). Regarding foliar applications, reductions in disease severity were greater than those observed in cucumber and strawberry, where this application did not result in significant disease control.

The better results of root treatment with POTASSIUM SILICATE
The better results of root treatment with POTASSIUM SILICATE compared to foliar treatment may be related to differences in the distribution of Si, as discussed above. It is known that, when applied to leaves, POTASSIUM SILICATE deposits on the external surface of the leaf and acts both as a physical and a chemical barrier due to an increase in both pH and osmotic potential after water evaporation. The observation that the lesions formed in leaf patches not covered by POTASSIUM SILICATE were similar in size to those seen with the control treatment agrees with this hypothesis. In contrast, when applied to roots, Si accumulated in the leaf tissues, where it is also reported to form a physical barrier, but in this case, as a result of distinct mechanisms operating at the cellular level, i.e., stimulation of cell wall reinforcement and polymerization underneath the cuticle, increasing its rigidity, as reported in rice and strawberry.

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